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Calculate what your organization can expect from automating governance in Office 365 with Cloud Governance.


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  • General Workspace Management
  • Archiving & Deleting Workspaces
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End of Lifecycle

Provisioning: There are few native controls governing the methods of adding collaboration spaces (SharePoint Sites, Groups, Teams, One Drives), users, mailboxes, and other objects into Office 365. This often means organizations face either Group sprawl or place a burden on administrators to approve provisioning requests. This is the value you can expect from automating the provisioning workflow.
Management: Even in scenarios where organizations have control over the creation process, managing workspaces, user access and other features through their lifecycle to maintain a secure and organized collaboration platform can be a challenge. This is the value you can expect from automating the management and recertifications workflow.
End of Lifecycle: There are a number of things that happen to a Group or Team throughout its lifecycle. Some can be small such as membership changes, others can involve a complete change of ownership. And in the case where projects, committees, or virtual groups eventually disband – so too should the Group or Team itself-but “disbanding” by deleting or archiving information typically requires a level of processes and review. This is the value you can expect from automating the end of lifecycle workflow.
Value and Governance Guide!

How to interpret your results and better understand how to evaluate the value of automated Office 365 governance.

It’s important to understand the values provided by the Office 365 Automated Governance Value Calculator are simplified estimates based on limited input data. This was done to make the calculator as accessible as possible for a broad spectrum of audiences. Contact us for a more detailed analysis of your organization.

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