Risk Management Package

Minimize security and compliance risk for your customers with value-added services. Automate your workflows and grow your security practice.

Do You Know Who Has Access to Your Customer’s Sensitive Files?

According to Gartner, one of the top security and risk management trends in 2022 is the rise of credential misuse as a primary attack vector. As an MSP, can you provide this type of visibility, so your customers are better aware of the risks they need to prevent and remediate?

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Collaboration Security Depends on Risk Management

The adoption of digital collaboration tools has resulted in risks to and within the tools. AvePoint's Risk Management package provides MSPs customer intelligence to grow and scale your security practice.

  • Configure actionable insights by scanning your workspaces to assess security and compliance issues with a Rapid Risk Assessment
  • Enable built-in or customized templates with configured rules meant to target the issues with appropriate policies
  • Monitor customer environments through unmatched intelligence delivered through summarized compliance status
  • Remediate risk issues through quick paths for fast response and delivery
  • Reports are generated pre- and post-configuration to continuously monitor your tenants’ status and for updated visibility over time
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Allows MSPs to monitor Office 365 permissions with tenant-wide security reports across your Microsoft cloud services. Insights aggregates sensitivity and activity data across your tenant, so your critical permissions issues are prioritized for action. Then, edit in bulk from actionable reports. Learn More


We make it easy to automate common rules for access, settings, external sharing, and more. As Policies catches configuration drift, notify users and even revert the change automatically. Securing collaboration in Teams, Groups, Sites, and OneDrive has never been easier. Learn More

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Provision with Confidence

The Risk Management Package is exclusively available through Elements. AvePoint’s Partner Intelligence Platform that builds operational efficiencies for MSPs.

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Risk Management Package