Microsoft Teams has helped keep users connected and productive as they rapidly transition to working from home. This shift is leading to a rapid increase in Microsoft Teams usage and the number of Teams being created each day. These virtual workspaces all contain critical business data of varying sensitivity levels, and oversight is critical to long-term success.

With the increase in Teams usage, ask yourself:

After our two week Microsoft Teams Jumpstart

After our two week Microsoft Teams Jumpstart, you will be able to:

Move from IT service delivery to user self-service

Automate Internal & external collaboration across public sector agencies

Combat Microsoft Teams sprawl

Identify clear ownership of Microsoft Team owners assigned automatically

Automatically classify Microsoft Teams depending on content sensitivity

What you get! Microsoft Teams Governance for All in just 2 weeks.

Automated Questionnaire

User friendly Questionnaire for Microsoft Teams provisioning

A Teams-based questionnaire that will determine the appropriate Team type at creation based on project duration, content sensitivity and presence of guest users. End users don’t need to wait for IT to create Microsoft Teams

Enhanced Ownership

8 governance policies applied to provisioned Microsoft Teams

  • Teams workspaces automatically configured with policy during provisioning to ensure policies are enforced
  • Lifecycle inactivity thresholds applied including leases, lease renewal, archival and expiration dates
  • External access permitted or not
  • Teams automatically classified as confidential or not.
4 Team Types

Landscape reporting & auditing

Inventory reporting and auditing so IT can maintain an oversight of the Teams landscape and manage lifecycle and sprawl.

Automated Policy Enforcement

Up to 8 Unique Team Types created

Private Teams

  • Operational Team/Confidential Classification/Internal Users Only
  • Operational Team/Normal Classification/ Internal Users Only
  • Project Team/Confidential Classification/ Internal Users Only
  • Project Team/Normal Classification/ Internal Users Only
  • Project Team/Confidential Classification/ External Users Allowed
  • Project Team/Normal Classification/ External Users Allowed

Public Teams

  • Operational Team/Normal Classification/ Internal Users Only
  • Project Team/Normal Classification/ Internal Users Only

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Sunshine Coast Council
Learn how Intrepid Travel uses Cloud Governance to save IT 3 months of work every year while enhancing control over sprawl, consistency, and security!
Metropolitan Council of Twin Cities accelerates Microsoft Teams Success in 2 weeks.
"We went live with AvePoint Cloud Governance on Sunday 3/15 via a schedule crash to allow the org to make Teams since the governor of Minnesota closed schools. We have some backlog but the process has been working beautifully. We had a 400% increase in Teams created this week. Overall increase in teams of 20% in one week."
Jeff Godderz METC, ECM Architect