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Tedious, time-consuming, risky – These are just a few adjectives that come to mind when we think of natively managing and governing permissions. This is the fundamental reason why we developed DocAve’s Administrator, which has been and remains to be one of AvePoint’s core solutions.

Ensure internal compliance by using one centralized interface to manage/update user security settings (clone, transfer, delete, etc.), grant temporary permissions, and edit permissions in batch form.

Once your SharePoint permissions have been defined and set in stone, utilize Policy Enforcer automatically adjust permissions, identify broken inheritance, and report on all violations.

Meet the Expert

Wendy Henry Headshot

Wendy Henry

Client Services Strategic Consultant with AvePoint

Wendy Henry is an accomplished technical author, consultant, educator and international conference presenter. Specializing in Microsoft since 1998, she has over 26 years of IT industry experience consulting with Government and Fortune 500 companies from various industries to cultivate solutions that employ technology to its peak potential according to business needs. Her background in finance and business analysis gives her a unique perspective on the overall fiscal and operational impact of systems integration in today’s business environment. She holds several professional and technical certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Linux, CompTIA, and PMLG, as well as technical training certifications. A published technical editor and author, Wendy has contributed to multiple books, white papers and guides for several manufacturers including Microsoft, EMC, AvePoint and more.