Damian Hallmark
Damian Hallmark

Solutions Architect at AvePoint


Bekalu Walle
Bekalu Walle

Solution Engineer, Partner Enablement Elements, AvePoint


No matter where your data lives, you must scan, map and analyse it at the file and content level.

Within 48 hours of running AvePoint’s Discovery Tool on your source environment, AvePoint will present a comprehensive discovery report that will allow you to drill down to the container level and identify these migration tripwires allowing your organisation to get where it wants to be faster and with less risk.

Understand which content is most critical, what requires re-work, or what is unnecessary and can be excluded from the migration project—migration plans can be prioritized based on business needs.

During our Virtual lab, you will see what AvePoint’s Discovery Tool can do for you!


Arguably the best offensive move you can make when approaching a migration. AvePoint’s Discovery Tool will identify required, relevant, and sensitive content while also flagging customisations to help you understand what data to keep and what to remove. Generate detailed reports which can be exported to a database or CSV file to allow for deeper analysis.

Determine project scope

Use the dynamic Power BI dashboard to quickly understand the implications of various scope selections, such as excluding infrequently accessed sites, or irrelevant customizations. Determine the scope of the entire project, or project sprints, with this detailed analysis.

Restructure your content

Whether it’s tens, hundreds, or thousands of users, having content live in the same place for several years typically results in items being in the wrong place.

Register today and see how AvePoint’s Discovery Tool can help you!

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