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With so many collaboration tools to choose from nowadays such as, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, “which tool is the right one for the job” is clearly a hot topic for business users of Microsoft collaboration products and services.

Let’s find out how Arriva demystified Microsoft Office 365 for their users, enabled collaboration across their business, and increased Microsoft Teams and Yammer user adoption rates across their organisation.

Meet the Experts

Anand jaju Headshot

Anand jaju

Solutions Engineer, AvePoint

Anand is a passionate Office 365 advocate with 9 years of experience in the SharePoint space spanning industries and continents, such as investment banking in Australia and legal technology in the UK. He has been at AvePoint for a year and a half. working closely with customers of all sizes, as well as strategic partners to deliver solutions for Office 365.

Kimberley Morrison Headshot

Kimberley Morrison

Collaboration Specialist, Arriva

Kimberly is a vibrant, hard-working, technically capable professional that has developed a strong knowledge and passion for innovation and improving collaboration, efficiency, communication, and productivity using digital solutions. She has excellent working knowledge in a wide range of technologies gained through working with a variety of clients in many different industries by first understanding their business transformation journey and how we can use technology to facilitate that transformation and change ways of working.