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With all the integrated communication, knowledge management and collaboration it provides, Microsoft Teams is THE hub for teamwork for Microsoft 365. But if that’s the case, why is your organisation’s user adoption rate so much lower than it is for Outlook? The truth is email is ingrained and changing user habits is difficult. Studies show that only about 34 percent of users are willing to use new technology rollouts within the enterprise.

Don't miss webinar with AvePoint and our guest speakers: Julie and Joel from Cambridge Consultants. We will be discussing in detail the three steps that helped Cambridge Consultants increase Microsoft Teams adoption across their organisation while containing sprawl and keeping their data safe.

  • Step 1: How to make it easy for users to do the right thing
  • Step 2: What are the quick wins that can have a positive impact for your Teams roll-out
  • Step 3: Have an adoption roadmap that caters for all users

Meet the Experts

Dan Paul Headshot

Dan Paul

Solution Architect

Julie Peck Headshot

Julie Peck

Enterprise Applications Architect, Cambridge Consultants

Joel Sutherland Headshot

Joel Sutherland

Senior IT Applications Analyst, Cambridge Consultants