2021 Global MSP Preferences Survey

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Major Transitions Ahead for MSPs

We know that the rush to the cloud is forcing modern businesses to move forward quickly and align digital employee experiences with an agile and flexible approach to technology. To better understand the trends impacting the technology channel industry, AvePoint engaged Zogby Analytics to survey more than 1,000 MSPs across the world.

Access the free survey to gain insights into key trends such as:

  • How many faced a ransomware attack in the last year
  • What percentage of their revenue is from recurring services
  • How many ISVs do MSPs plan to onboard or cut
  • The most important component in evaluating an ISV partner
  • What services contribute most of their revenue
  • Biggest COVID challenges
  • and more!

Take a sneak peek:

  • MSPs should be aggressive in evaluating their portfolio and ruthless in switching out technologies and partners. But you still need focus. There is a cost to maintaining a lot of loose ties. (pg.12)

  • To have successful long-term vendor relationships, it’s import-ant to make the onboarding process easy and empower them with training and other resources. (pg.15)


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