Laser Clinics Leverages Cloud Backup’s Multi-Geo Tenancy to Comply with GDPR

Success Highlights

Multi-geo tenancy to maintain compliancy with the European Union’s GDPR privacy regulation
“Set it and forget it” solution with automatic incremental backups and robust reporting
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Customer Location New South Wales, Australia

Industry Health Services

Platform Microsoft 365

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Laser Clinics has more than 150 clinics across Australia and New Zealand. Their hard-working team is dedicated to offering affordable, accessible and reliable cosmetic treatments.

Critical Needs

  • Set-and-forget solution for a small IT team
  • Reports on job runs and failures
  • A flexible solution to scale with application adoption and retention requirements

The Challenge

Laser Clinics is currently in their final stages of moving to a completely cloud-bases environment, which can be demanding for their IT team.

“Our IT team is only comprised of four people to support over 160 clinics and about 90 internal staff members – so we’re still reasonably small. This makes us naturally more of a reactive IT team,” said George Pontifix, IT Manager at Laser Clinics. “We’re now trying to push everything to be standardized and compliant.”

Laser Clinics plans to not only scale and alter their data retention, but also their application adoption and usage. The need for a flexible backup solution is clear.

“We’re using many applications already and right now I’m really trying to push Teams through to the organization. At this point we have a two-year retention policy,” explained Pontifix. “However, I’ve been working on extending that to two years. So at the end of this year, I’ll be talking to AvePoint about either a solution to archive data to cheaper storage or extending the length of our backups.”

Being a global organization with a presence in the United Kingdom, Laser Clinics needed to ensure compliance with European Union’s GDPR data sovereignty requirements.

“We needed to meet the EU’s data requirements. What we back-up in the UK, should stay in the UK,” said Pontifix “When we talked to AvePoint and learned about multi-geo tenancy capabilities, it was a no-brainer. There is no logical reason as the why we shouldn’t utilize it.”

What you want is a set and forget tool. We’re automatically running four incremental backups a day and worry about nothing until the report tells me something is wrong.
George Pontifix
IT Manager, Laser Clinics

The AvePoint Solution

Laser Clinics has used Cloud Backup to retain approximately four to five terabytes of data. However, Pontifix doesn’t have to check in on his data growth on a daily basis.

“That’s the advantage of AvePoint – I don’t need to know how much is being backed up every minute of every day,” said Pontifix.

For him, one of the biggest benefits of a true SaaS backup solution is the peace-of-mind and time-saved.

“The thing I like most is the solution is a set and forget tool, where we really only need to review quarterly. It doesn’t take hours every week for someone to maintain it,” explained Pontifix. “It’s a great peace of mind that there is no worrying, and something just reports to me daily saying if the backup worked or not.”

Being the IT Manager of a team of four, Pontifix explains SaaS is especially valuable for scaling a relatively small IT team.

“What you want to do when you have a small IT team is to have a set and forget tool. Only being notified when there’s a problem. We’re automatically running four incremental backups a day and worry about nothing until the report tells me something is wrong,” said Pontifix. “I’ve spent 30 years in the industry and this makes my life much easier knowing that I don’t have to worry about anything.

“On top of that, the team AvePoint has around the solution works extremely well,” added Pontifix.

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The Road Ahead

Reflecting on the adoption and implementation of Cloud Backup, Pontifix is very pleased with the overall experience.

“The implementation process was actually very easy from sales all the way down to technical support. The whole team knew what they were doing, so I felt confident throughout the whole operation. Everything went according to plan and worked our first try,” said Pontifix.

It all comes back to having a simple, effective backup experience.

Pontifix explained “I can’t say one component… is better than the other, but if I had to pick one, it’s how technically simple the solution is.”

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