Prosperio Group Saves $1,200 by Protecting Microsoft Office 365 Data in the Cloud with AvePoint Online Services


  • The ability to backup and restore Office 365 content through a cloud-based service with no extra hardware required
  • Quick recovery of lost or corrupted documents in SharePoint Online

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  • Prosperio Group
  • Kundenstandort Chicago, IL
  • Branche Beratung
  • Plattform SharePoint Online
  • AvePoint-LösungenCloud


  • Implemented a Software-as-a-Service solution to manage and protect its Office 365 environment
  • Backed up SharePoint Online content according to specific business needs and enabled granular restoration of lost or deleted documents, ensuring important data was always accessible in the cloud
  • Saved approximately $1,200 by backing up content directly to cloud storage and eliminating the need to purchase hardware servers
quote AvePoint Online Services was the only service that would allow us to protect our cloud-based content on Office 365 without investing in an on-premises server. quote
Scott Fouts IT Director, Prosperio Group


Working to help businesses enhance employee motivation and accelerate growth, Prosperio Group is a consulting agency headquartered near Chicago with remote employees working throughout several Midwestern states. Previously, the company relied on a multitude of software and services to communicate with one another, store documents, and collaborate – including Google Docs, Dropbox, GoToMeeting, and LiquidPlanner.

Since this approach made finding information across multiple systems challenging for workers, the company chose to centralize its content by migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and rely solely on the cloud platform – including Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for collaboration, and OneDrive for Business for storage. “Migrating to Office 365 meant finding information would be much simpler for our workers,” said Scott Fouts, Prosperio Group IT Director. “Additionally, from the IT perspective, it was much easier to support our users on cloud services that are fully integrated with one another, and projecting costs was also much simpler working with one vendor.”

Once the company migrated its business content to Office 365 and SharePoint Online, Prosperio Group quickly realized the need to ensure its critical data received the utmost protection in the cloud. Since SharePoint Online’s native capabilities would only restore data at the site level, the company began a search for a solution that could protect its data according to its specific needs. “We needed to ensure that our documents would all be in the cloud whenever we needed them,” Fouts said. “If a single document was accidentally deleted due to user error or a system failure, we needed a solution that could help us get it back for the user quickly and with ease.”


Fouts ultimately chose to implement AvePoint Online Services (AOS). Based on Microsoft Azure, AOS is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that simplifies administration and management of Office 365, as well as provides item through platform level backup and restore capabilities for SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive for Business. “AvePoint Online Services was the only service that would allow us to protect our cloud-based content on Office 365 without investing in an on-premises server,” Fouts said. “The software would allow us to back up our data directly to the cloud with no hardware required, which was a major selling point for us.”

With AOS, Prosperio Group is able to protect and quickly restore all content stored in its SharePoint Online environment with granular content backup and recovery capabilities. Using AOS' convenient and customizable scheduler, Fouts was able to set incremental backups for capturing changes to the system once per week along with monthly full platform backups. “AvePoint Online Services allowed me to set our SharePoint Online backup plans once and be assured that our data is backed up according to our specific company needs,” Fouts said. “The program sends me a weekly email letting me know the backup completed successfully or informing me of anything that needs to be reviewed.”

Throughout his time configuring AOS, Fouts was able to rely on AvePoint’s live, 24/7 technical support team whenever questions arose. “I found AvePoint’s support team to be very responsive, professional, and helpful whenever responding to emails or setting up times for callbacks,” Fouts said. “They were always willing to walk me through the product and help me solve any challenges I was facing.”


With all of its content in the cloud, ensuring critical documents were sufficiently backed up and able to be restored swiftly were key concerns for Prosperio Group as the company began to utilize Office 365. Through AvePoint Online Services, the company was ultimately able to find a solution that not only delivered the specific protection required for its important business data, but it was able to do it all in the cloud – providing cost savings and simplifying management tasks for the company’s IT department. In the near future, Prosperio Group will begin to utilize AOS to back up its Exchange Online content as well. “Right off the bat, implementing AOS saved us approximately $1,200 by not needing to invest in a hardware server to protect our data,” Fouts said. “Further, we were able to use cost-saving cloud storage to store our backup data.”

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