Protect data, continuously

Automate privacy and security programs across your enterprise’s content—in file shares, SharePoint, Office 365, Box, Slack, Teams, ServiceNow, G-Suite, and more—with AvePoint Compliance Guardian. Satisfy internal or external requirements for information management and data governance, including GDPR.



Better visibility means less risk. Lower your risk profile, map all critical assets, and simplify the audit process.



Ensure robust responses and controls are activated, like an incident response program, and correct data classification.

Info management

Info management

Enable digital transformation, reduce cost of legacy IT storage and ensure secure migrations with data optimization.

One system that works where you work!

We want other companies to refer to us as an example of compliance done right in New Zealand thanks to AvePoint products.

Jenny Ryan

Digital Information Analyst, Airways New Zealand

Solutions Provided

Archiver, Cloud Backup, Cloud Records, Cloud Governance, GroupHub, Enterprise Risk, Compliance, & Data Protection

I Cg Erm

Enterprise Risk Management

Perform risk-based assessments and generate actionable insights with smarter data—add context, workflow, relationships, intent, and purpose. Establish polices for data collection, storage, and usage.

Manage incidents & breaches

Capture, document, and prioritize. Centrally track and monitor reported incidents or breaches with an automated workflow-driven response.

Data maps & flows

Perform risk-based assessments, automate data flow, generate insights, and establish polices for data collection and usage.

Record inventory

Establish an inventory of records and data flow by creating logs, or bulk- import your record details from existing systems.

Discover & report

Run scans across your content—easily report on any PII or sensitive data and use heat-maps to determine greatest risk.

Automate impact assessments

Automate privacy, security, risk, and data protection impact assessments for organizational systems and data.

Integrated resource library

Build an accountable, repeatable process for governance, risk and compliance.

I Cg Dvc

Data Validation & Classification

Scan results to provide insight into your greatest areas of vulnerability. Tag and classify your data so you can easily locate, and act on at-risk or sensitive data.

Over 150 scans

Scan content against one of our built-in checks that map to common internal or external regulations—or build your own.

Scan what matters

Scan files, file properties, images, and even attributes like headers and footers with checks for PII or sensitive data.

Any type, anytime

Check Office files, PDFs, HTML/XML files, AutoCAD files, .zip files, and 100’s of file types for privacy and security issues.

Enterprise support

Scan file shares, Dropbox, Box, Slack, Office 365, SharePoint, Databases and more. Content’s protected wherever it lives.

Tag your way

Tag or classify content using built-in properties or assign custom tags that’ll help you sort, clean, or migrate data.

I Cg Dpim

Data Validation, Classification, & Protection

Automate controls to bring order to your information, and resolve violations across databases, collaboration platforms, and the cloud. Always be prepared for the next migration or upcoming legislation.

24-hour protection

Run scheduled scans up to every 15 minutes. Real-time controls catch and react to content as it’s created and uploaded.

Protective actions

Automatically delete, quarantine, redact, encrypt, pseudonymize, or move content that’s violating your policies.

Policy integration

Integrate with information management policies to ensure content’s correctly stored, retained, deduplicated, and secured.

Manage incidents

Add workflow, even human review to discovered incidents to ensure swift and effective resolution.

External incident integration

Office 365 DLP integration aggregates incidents and automates incident management workflows to resolve violations.

Don’t take risks. Seriously. It’s just not worth it.

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