Mary Leigh Mackie
Mary Leigh Mackie

Chief Marketing Officer, AvePoint


Kate Faaland
Kate Faaland

Senior Vice President, ACS & Product Strategy, AvePoint


Consolidate Your Collaboration for Safety, Simplicity, and Long-Term Success

Consolidating your most sensitive collaboration to support critical M&A or other high-value business activity into your Microsoft 365 tenant is a proven way to make your collaboration productive, secure, and compliant.

Then, once your next deal closes, you’ll need to be ready on Day 0 to kick off your collaboration consolidation to take advantage of deal synergies and drive NewCo innovation.

Let AvePoint enterprise collaboration experts show you how they’ve helped organisations during and after deal cycles, while ensuring data fidelity, security, and strong user satisfaction.

The key M&A steps everyone must follow:

Know Your Technology
Plan A Migration
Communicate With Users
Consolidate Data & Systems
Post-Migration User Training
Implement Change Management Practices

Learn how to effectively evaluate, plan for, and de-risk M&A with help from AvePoint solutions.

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