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3 easy steps to resolve your SharePoint or cloud migration

Our cloud migration solution builds in a best practice, 3-phase approach to set you up for success for any project. We offer an all-in-one experience to migrate on-premises or cloud-hosted mail, content, and collaboration into Microsoft 365 or SharePoint.

Exchange, SharePoint, and file shares can be decommissioned. Cloud content across Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and Google Drive can be consolidated with ease. If you must clean up or clean out data, are on a tight timeline, or tighter budget, Fly Server can help.

Pre-scan your migration sources

Find out how much content you've got, and if there are any customizations and unsupported elements that may need to be refactored for Microsoft 365 or SharePoint.

Migrate on the fly in a flash

Automate your migration project by defining filters, mappings, and schedules. Our super-light install package can be hosted on prem or in the cloud for takeoff in a jiffy.

Monitor migration progress

Use built-in progress reporting to track your project, or tap into our Migration Database using our Power BI templates to closely monitor throttling, performance, and more.

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Manage Slack to Teams migration with ease

Fly Server is the most complete and reliable migration solution for Slack and Teams. Whether you want to migrate from Slack to Teams or restructure Teams within or across your Microsoft tenants, we've got you covered. Maintain critical information, including files, membership, and conversations. Easily combat Channel overload and out of date naming conventions to optimize the user experience and drive maximum Teams value.

Watch the Demo: Fly Server in action Slack & Teams migration brochure

Consolidate Channels, files, sites, or other Teams

Break out Channels from out-of-control Teams

Clean up your information architecture and naming conventions

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FLY Migration


Migration, your way...

Microsoft 365 or SharePoint migrations may happen for any number of reasons. No matter the reason, or whether your migration is large or small, Fly Server is just right. Support digital transformation initiatives, M&A, divestiture, or re-orgs, or even decommission old systems. We help you respond fast, and in a way that minimizes business disruption.

Quickly move or consolidate your data from on-premises or cloud-hosted mail, files, and collaboration systems into your Microsoft 365 cloud, or the latest SharePoint version.

Meet Fly Server: Your key to transformation success

Lift & shift #justthefiles

Our high-speed cloud migration mode can move terabytes of content per day! So, you can drop Dropbox, send Box packing and migrate Google Drive with ease!

Optimize your M365 migration project

With detailed discovery and dynamic scope analysis via Power BI, phase your migration using filters, scheduling, and staged roll-out to end users to ensure a smooth transition.

Clean & secure your data

Not sure if data is cloud-ready? With Compliance Guardian DVC's detailed, compliant scanning, we can tag, organize, and classify data for security and intent.

Learn more about CG

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FLY Comprehensive


Comprehensive consolidation for cloud and on-prem content

Whether you're planning on migrating to Microsoft 365 or the latest SharePoint version, our lightweight install package will pack a punch for your project. Our code is optimized for Microsoft best practices and seamless transformation of everything from G-Suite migration to file shares into SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Spin up Fly Server on your Azure VM in a few clicks

Know before you go

With comprehensive pre-scan, understand unsupported elements as well as data sizes, file types, users, and permissions that may require mapping.

Personalized policies

Build policies to associate filters and mappings with each plan, so metadata, users, and permissions are seamlessly transferred.

Drag-and-drop ease

Set your migration scope with drag and drop to create mappings, or bulk-import mappings via CSV.

Schedule on your terms

Running plans off hours can not only reduce the risk of throttling, it makes the transition easier on your users too!

Code you can count on

We use high speed, Azure Import APIs whenever possible to ensure your content gets to the cloud lightening fast while following Microsoft best practices.

Mail's got moves

We'll resolve your mail migration in a jiffy. We move Exchange, Gmail, IMAP/POP3, PST files, and other Exchange Online tenants into Exchange Online.

Sensitive information protection

Take measures to preserve or remove sensitivity labels during tenant-to-tenant migration both at container (Team/Group/SPO/OneDrive) and item (file/email) level. Your organization’s migrated data can retain the same classification with continuous protection in the destination.

Make files fly

On-prem or in the cloud, it's time to give your files an upgrade. Migrate Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and file share content into SharePoint or Microsoft 365.

Collab in the cloud

Simple SharePoint migration from versions 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 into SharePoint or Microsoft 365. Still Slack'ing? Try Slack to Teams migration! Even consolidate Teams and Groups across Microsoft 365 tenants.

OneDrive Migration made easy

Migrate files with associated permissions and metadata from file systems, SharePoint servers or cloud platforms. Migrate Dropbox to OneDrive with ease! Quickly consolidate cloud files in Google, Dropbox, Box, or other OneDrives. Move content with the confidence. Make things easier to find, and ensure nothing critical is left behind.

Migration Case Study: Personal Drives to OneDrives

City of Port St. Lucie Fixes Thousands of Over-Permissioned Sharing Links, Improves Guest Access Oversight with Policies and Insights

City of Port St. Lucie Fixes Thousands of Over-Permissioned Sharing Links, Improves Guest Access Oversight with Policies and Insights

The tools you need to transform personal, shared, cloud or other Microsoft 365 drives
  • Convert personal or shared drives into OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Libraries
  • Import metadata, even convert folder structures to OneDrive or SharePoint metadata
  • Migrate Google Drives with permissions and metadata
  • Migrate files from Box
  • Migrate Dropbox files
  • Migrate OneDrives within or across tenants to restructure or consolidate shared files