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The AvePoint Confidence Platform helps retailers securely collaborate and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Empowering the Retail Workforce Through Digital Transformation

Drive the Retail Workforce Through Digital Transformation

The retail landscape is undergoing a massive transformation. Seamless omnichannel experiences, secure information sharing, and empowered frontline workers are now business imperatives. However, many retailers struggle to effectively leverage new technology due to budget constraints, changing workplace dynamics, and limited in-house expertise. With AvePoint, retailers can deliver personalized customer journeys, enable hybrid work for frontline and corporate employees, and create operational efficiencies across the value chain.

Elevate Your Digital Workplace Investment with AvePoint

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Enhance Firstline Usability

Your collaboration tools need to be not only mobile-friendly but mobile-first. Give everyone on your team functional, seamless, and secure collaboration from anywhere.

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Protect Customer Information

Your customers trust you with their personal information. Protect their sensitive data and prevent oversharing with strong privacy, security practices, and automated policies.

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Maximize Return on Investment

Show the value of your digital workplace investments with our platform approach. Upgrade your Microsoft 365 service delivery with flexibility, confidence, and control.

Maximize productivity and security without the hassle
Automated Technology that Runs Itself

Maximize Productivity and Security Without the Hassle

With built-in automation for backup, policy enforcement, and security, retailers can manage their digital workplace investments seamlessly. Effortlessly migrate, govern, and protect your critical business data so you can refocus on serving customers. With AvePoint, your technology runs itself - delivering the productivity, governance, and security retail organizations need to transform digitally.

Tailor Teams Permissions

Configure unique policies for frontline and back-office employees with intuitive templates fit-for-purpose to handle your specific needs.

Secure External Sharing

Take control of guest access with granular permissions and periodic recertifications to keep your workspaces accessible but secure.

Control Sensitive Information

Prevent oversharing of sensitive customer information. Detect information already over-exposed and requires immediate action to keep it secure.

Safeguard Your Data

Protect your mission-critical information from data loss with full-service backup and granular restores, including Teams channels, chats, and Planner tasks.

Accelerate Off/Onboarding

Quickly scale up or down your transitional workforce with automated security, configurations, data protection, and permissions.

Empower Regional IT

Avoid IT bottlenecks with delegated admin, so reporting, configuration, content management, and permission management can be done locally.

Your customers transformed
Tailored Digital Collaboration for the Future

Your Customers Transformed. It's Your Turn.

McKinsey finds generative AI can boost productivity for the retail industry by up to 2% annually, equivalent to up to $660 billion in value creation through reinventing customer interactions, generating personalized marketing content at scale, accelerating product innovation, and optimizing inventory and supply chains.

Empowering the Retail Workforce Through Digital Transformation

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I need to secure all of my data, not just part of it. Teams chats are basically the same as email now. It’s a key communication point within the organization.

Ölvir Sveinsson

Chief Information Officer, IKEA Baltics and Iceland

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