Information Lifecycle Management

Ensure the integrity of your collaboration workspaces and content with our holistic approach to records and information management.

Drive innovation

Drive Innovation by Managing Your Information

The rise of AI has transformed business and technology at a rapid pace. However, many organizations that want to use generative AI to gain a competitive edge and create value are now faced with the challenge of managing an increasing amount of data across a more dispersed digital workplace.

Realizing the transformative benefits of AI means that organizations need to focus on increasing data quality and data trust. While 89 percent of executives consider high-quality data as essential, 66 percent think they are below average in managing the information lifecycle, governing the data properly, and ensuring its compliance.

How do you solve this gap? Adopt information management strategies to better manage, clean, and enrich your data.

Adopt Information Management Strategies to Better Manage, Clean, and Enrich Your Data

Risk and Access Management

Reduce Risk

Protect your organization by ensuring that you’re not holding on to too much — or too little — information.

Maximize Technology Investments

Decrease storage costs

Data volume is growing rapidly. Reduce storage costs and mitigate overage fees by purging extraneous content.

Streamline Operations

Optimize efficiency

Drive productivity in the new modern workplace to improve the speed and accuracy of search, analytics, and e-discovery solutions.

Transform Microsoft 365 Workspaces and Content with Intelligent Information Management

Manage your workspaces
Scale. Automate. Secure.

Manage Your Workspaces

For good governance, balance collaboration and control. With AvePoint Cloud Governance, empower users to create Teams, Sites and Groups in real-time, backed by a sustainable, efficient, and secure governance framework. Right-size your policies to ensure that provisioned assets have correct classification, retention, metadata, and access controls in place from the outset. Then, create an automated workspace provisioning process and review of permissions and metadata.

Oversee configuration settings, membership, and ownership change requests, with the ability to delete, revert, or notify of unauthorized changes.

Improve data quality and speed up processes with automated, structured end-of-life processes that trigger alerts for potentially idle or irrelevant sites and content.

Ask workspace owners to explicitly confirm the extension of a workspace’s lease or flag it for managed disposition.

Implement an extensible governance framework that empowers users, is easy to maintain, and scales with your organization.

Unburden IT and reduce risk by aligning Microsoft 365 and Power Platform administration according to your operational needs.

Command your data
Good business is based on good information

Command Your Data

Your information is an asset - turn it into an advantage. Just as workspaces must go through an information lifecycle process, the content within them should be subject to the same. AvePoint Opus automates the management of your entire content lifecycle — from creation to classification and retention — without user intervention. This ensures compliance with your company’s own policies as well as rapidly changing regulatory requirements at the local, state, and federal level. All this while achieving high value savings on storage and managing content at scale with advanced auto classification. You really can have it all!

Automatically organize your content with cutting-edge machine-learning models for consistent, efficient classification, including bulk identification in Microsoft 365.

Manage the entirety of cloud and physical data lifecycles in active or inactive repositories with customizable policies and lifecycles for easy compliance.

Optimize your storage footprint with cost-saving controls and custom dashboards that allow you to have a clear view into achieved savings and archived content.

Manage Microsoft 365 content and physical records together. Create and oversee classification policies, and implement flexible retention and disposal rules.

Modernize your digital workplace
Consolidate your information to streamline management

Modernize Your Digital Workspace

Drive digital transformation with Microsoft 365 migration. Make it easy to apply your information management strategy by bringing all your data together in one, secure platform. Our Fly migration solution enables organizations to seamlessly migrate self-hosted files directly into Microsoft 365. Detailed pre-migration discovery reports allow management and maintaining metadata, permissions, and complex data structures. Integrate legacy data into modern information management frameworks by filtering and restructuring content as it moves into Microsoft 365.

With automated data synchronization, Fly captures changes throughout the duration of the migration project.

Remap metadata, domains, and other information during the migration process.

Ensure that legacy information being moved into Microsoft 365 is in line with data governance and information management policies.

Advanced search makes finding information for access requests quick and easy

Transform and modernize your data with our Azure-hosted SaaS solution for Microsoft 365 workload migration or tenant restructuring.

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Every dollar that is spent on IT are dollars that can’t go back to the clubs and rescue efforts. It could mean the difference in a club having a rescue boat or extra jet rescue when they need it. With these solutions, we are successfully reducing our IT budget and putting more money into saving lives.

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