Protection for how you work

Data is “the new oil”. It’s fueling our digital economy and powering our productivity, but it can also hurt us—just imagine the impact to our businesses if it was turned off. By taking proper precautions to build in safeguards, we can not only optimize our use of data to generate revenue, but also prevent harm or calamity. Data leaks, breaches, or mass corruption equate to serious devastation. Not just because you’ve lost a valuable asset, but your reputation, and market cap could be at stake.

You cannot protect everything from everyone, so you must implement a risk-based approach to data protection and security.

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Data privacy

Data privacy

Protect sensitive info. Personal Identifiable Information ("PII") is subject to regulation, and secrets must be kept or risk loss of trust, regulatory action, brand integrity or competitive advantage.

Data security

Data security

Robust security controls, continuous activity monitoring, and automated protective actions should be used to keep data out of the wrong hands and minimize risk.

Information integrity

Information integrity

Whether you’ve got an inadvertent user virus, or malicious malware attack—you need access to data when you need it. Failure may result in fines or wasted time due to re-work.

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Your data, where it should be

AvePoint solutions give you peace of mind knowing you can access critical data when you need it, and protective controls will be in place to minimize risks from human error, attack, or disaster.

Enable digital transformation

Understand your data, its flow, and associated risk level. Classify data to inform cloud migration and investment opportunities

Protect your brand

Automate corrective actions to protect data, or revert out-of-policy changes

Confidential & available

Ensure data is easily recoverable in the event of disaster or malware attack

Risk management

Perfect security’s a myth. Prioritize what you’re protecting to ensure users follow rules to mitigate risk and harm.

Data Protection Products

Backup & Restore

Protect and restore with backup of SharePoint and Office 365 and restore items with full fidelity and recovery. With platform level protection and granular restore, meet SLAs with ease.

Cloud Backup

Automated backup with flexible capacity options ensure Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and Office 365 are secure, and restored.

Cloud Governance

Implement an extensible Office 365 governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain and scales as your organization adopts to the cloud.

Data Validation & Classification

Identify and map data as it flows through on-premises and cloud-based systems, prioritize what’s to be protected and from whom, and determine the data’s lifecycle.

Data Validation, Classification & Protection

Proactively monitor and neutralize violations of privacy, security, and compliance to help mitigate risk from the second data is created, throughout its lifecycle.

Enterprise Risk Management

Implement a systematic risk program to evaluate, analyze, resolve and report on data flows, processes, and privacy and security risk.

Governance Automation

Automate SharePoint and Office 365 lifecycle management—from provisioning to archiving, and more. Enable controlled release of new features to drive adoption and enforce policies.

High Availability

Maintain warm and cool standby SharePoint environments for one-click disaster recovery.

Think of data as your baby… It needs nurturing and protection from harm

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