From the merger of TOBIUS and SAGA Consulting Group comes Tobania: now one of the largest IT companies in Belgium and Luxemburg and your premier source for digital expertise. With a team of 550+ experienced and knowledgeable IT specialists, Tobania understands the power of digital – and knows how to put digital to work for organizations of all sizes and types. Tobania is also among Belgium’s foremost Microsoft solution integrators, a premium open source solutions center, and the leading expert in the development of mobile, web, cloud and business apps.

Solutions developed by Tobania’s experts have helped organizations across Belgium and Luxemburg become more flexible, productive and profitable, across all sectors, including banking, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, government, social administration and more.


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  • ART DER PARTNERSCHAFT Berater / Professionell Services, Reseller
  • BRANCHE Telekommunikation, Gesundheitswesen, Fertigung, Finanzdienstleistungen