Altiatech is an independent systems integrator that specialises in end-to-end IT Services. An established Microsoft UK Gold Partner, we provide transformational IT solutions to meet the specific business needs of our clients, helping organisations to foster growth and better customer experiences.

Helping SMEs and large enterprises to realise the rapid growth that cloud services provide, we work in partnership with our clients to help them focus on adopting a cloud-first strategy, delivering cost-effective and highly optimised cloud solutions in the process.

Our expertise will encompass the full lifecycle of a customer’s IT infrastructure, from strategy and design to project management, migration and deployment. Helping our clients to achieve more with their investments, our services team will support, manage and enhance their in-house skills, enabling organisations to skill up quickly and scale easily.

Altiatech delivers a team of trusted experts that offer customised services for each organisation, providing exceptional enterprise-level IT services and support our customers can rely on.


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