Salesforce No Longer Offers Data Recovery: How To Build Your New Backup Strategy

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Webinar salesforce no longer offers data recovery how to build your new backup strategy

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  • 1 Hour
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Victor Lai

Solution Engineering Manager, AvePoint

Last August Salesforce stopped offering its Data Recovery Service to customers, “due to the length of time and reliability of the process.”

Ultimately, this is a positive change. Organisations won't be shocked waiting weeks for Salesforce to restore their critical data and it gives you the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your Salesforce backup strategy.

Our backup experts will guide through the critical decision points for developing a successful strategy for your organisation.

  • What Salesforce backs up for how long, and what gaps currently exist

  • Common data loss events

  • What data types to backup at what level of granularity and frequency. Don’t forget the metadata!

  • Management best practices—delegating administration and how often you should test restore your backup data.

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