A Summary of Syntex Announcements at Microsoft Inspire and What it Means for Your Business and AvePoint

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  • 1 Hour


Max McNamara

Managing Director - ANZ, AvePoint

Oliver Gohl

Director, Mid Market & Channel - ANZ, AvePoint

Learn about the Syntex updates from Microsoft Inspire 2023 and what it means for our partnership, your business and our customers

As the volume of content grows in Microsoft 365, it becomes more important to protect it throughout its lifecycle and ensure better availability while managing costs.

As a result, Microsoft recently announced at their Inspire conference two new products to their Syntex suite: Microsoft 365 Backup and Microsoft 365 Archive.

This webinar will walk through Microsoft’s Syntex announcements at Inspire, including what Microsoft 365 Backup and Microsoft 365 Archive are.

We will discuss the opportunity this presents AvePoint, having been a Syntex Launch Partner for over two years.

"As a Syntex launch partner, we are excited to expand our offering with a sophisticated approach to protecting data and take advantage of the restore speed and scale the Microsoft 365 Backup API has to offer."

- John Peluso, Chief Product Officer, AvePoint

In addition, we will also address what this means for our partners into the future and our joint customers who are using AvePoint Cloud Backup for M365 and AvePoint Cloud Archiving today.

This webinar is also a chance for you to ask questions and seek clarification from the AvePoint team in Australia and New Zealand.

Join us to be fully equipped with the information you need to drive the digital transformation of your business and engagement with our customers.

What’s on the agenda:

  • Syntex updates from Microsoft Inspire

Get an in-depth look at the latest features, functionalities, and improvements that were introduced to Syntex at Microsoft Inspire in July, including Microsoft 365 Backup and Microsoft 365 Archive

  • The Microsoft/AvePoint Syntex partnership

Did you know that AvePoint is one of the launch partners for Microsoft Syntex? Find out how AvePoint has been working closely with Microsoft to deliver an engaging, productive, and secure collaboration experience for organisations.

  • What does this mean for third-party backup and archiving?

Gain insights into how third-party backup and third-party archiving enhances and extends Microsoft’s first party backup and archiving to manage your customer’s critical data in various business scenarios.

  • Ask questions and get clarification

Ask questions and get clarification from the AvePoint team about what Microsoft’s announcements mean for you and your customers.


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