Explosion of storage in M365 and the problems it causes

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Outrun rising m365 storage costs

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  • 1 Hour


Max McNamara

Managing Director - ANZ, AvePoint

Andrew Browne

Distribution Channel Manager, AvePoint

Learn strategies to efficiently manage your customers’ SharePoint Online storage and reduce cost

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a pivotal role in supporting their customers’ digital transformation journey. M365 data is growing at an explosive rate, in excess of 20% annually. Maturity of M365 is leading to many of your customers reaching their allocated M365 SharePoint Online storage, the location where all Microsoft Teams and SharePoint data is stored.

SharePoint Online storage is the most expensive storage available from Microsoft. Most MSPs don’t have a strategy to archive or delete data from their customer’s M365 environments; in fact, many MSPs stop their customer’s staff from deleting data by turning retention on, exacerbating the problem. As a result, MSPs are now looking for ways to optimise their use of SharePoint Online storage to avoid significant data overage fees.

AvePoint’s Elements Platform offers MSPs a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower them in assisting their clients in efficiently managing SharePoint data storage and expenditure.

This webinar will provide invaluable insights into AvePoint's solutions and how they can be leveraged to drive client success in optimising SharePoint data storage and spend.


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