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Andrew Browne

Distribution Channel Manager, AvePoint

Mark Boyd

Solution Engineer, AvePoint

Max McNamara

Managing Director - ANZ, AvePoint

Michael Miziarski

Channel Solution Engineer, AvePoint

How MSPs Can Drive Customer Success and Grow Their Business with AvePoint

As cloud adoption is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, managed service providers (MSPs) have the unique opportunity to grow their business by offering collaboration security services to their Microsoft 365 customers.

Enable your customers to collaborate with confidence by partnering with AvePoint, provider of the most advanced platform for SaaS and data management to optimise SaaS operations and secure collaboration. More than 9 million cloud users rely on our full suite of solutions to make them more productive, compliant, and secure.

AvePoint solutions are specifically designed for MSPs and their end-user customers to secure collaboration systems.

Register for these upcoming webinars to learn how you can drive customer success and grow your business with AvePoint!

Available Sessions

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Explosion of storage in M365 and the problems it causes

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a pivotal role in supporting their customers’ digital transformation journey. M365 data is growing at an explosive rate, in excess of 20% annually. Maturity of M365 is leading to many of your customers reaching their allocated M365 SharePoint Online storage, the location where all Microsoft Teams and SharePoint data is stored.

SharePoint Online storage is the most expensive storage available from Microsoft. Most MSPs don’t have a strategy to archive or delete data from their customer’s M365 environments; in fact, many MSPs stop their customer’s staff from deleting data by turning retention on, exacerbating the problem. As a result, MSPs are now looking for ways to optimise their use of SharePoint Online storage to avoid significant data overage fees.

AvePoint’s Elements Platform offers MSPs a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower them in assisting their clients in efficiently managing SharePoint data storage and expenditure.

This session will provide invaluable insights into AvePoint's solutions and how they can be leveraged to drive client success in optimising SharePoint data storage and spend.

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Power Platform - what it is and why is the data business critical

In today's digital landscape, organisations are continuously seeking innovative solutions to drive operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge. Microsoft's Power Platform has emerged as a transformative suite of tools that empowers businesses to streamline processes, automate workflows, and leverage data-driven insights. Understanding the criticality of this platform is paramount for organisations aiming to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

This webinar aims to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of Microsoft's Power Platform and its significance as a business-critical asset. Through expert presentations and real-world case studies, attendees will gain insights into the platform's key components, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. We’ll also discuss common ways users and admins can find themselves in sticky data loss situations, and how you can prevent them.

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Mitigating data breaches in SME

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in Australia play a crucial role in safeguarding the data of their clients. However, the rising frequency and sophistication of data breaches pose significant challenges for MSPs, necessitating a proactive approach to protect their own infrastructure and the sensitive information entrusted to them by their customers. It’s pivotal MSPs are using the best solutions possible.

This webinar is specifically designed to address the unique concerns and responsibilities of Australian MSPs in mitigating data breaches. By examining real-world case studies and expert insights, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing threat landscape, including common attack vectors and vulnerabilities faced by MSPs.

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Empowering MSPs in the journey towards Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)

Uncover a fresh perspective on Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) with our upcoming webinar, designed exclusively for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). As an MSP, you grapple with the complexities of GRC daily. In this interactive webinar, we're moving beyond the standard product-first narrative to focus on you, your challenges, and your victories in navigating the GRC landscape. This is more than just a product showcase – it's an opportunity for you to engage in a strategic conversation about GRC, share your experiences, and contribute to a broader understanding that could reshape the industry. Let's elevate your GRC strategy together. Register today and become a part of this transformative dialogue!

What can you expect to get out of the webinar?

  • Gain a unique, MSP-focused perspective on GRC challenges and solutions, fostering a deeper understanding of your everyday hurdles and potential strategies for overcoming them.
  • Participate in a valuable dialogue that values your expertise, giving you the opportunity to share experiences, insights, and contribute to a potential industry reshaping.
  • Elevate your GRC strategy with actionable insights gleaned from industry peers and leaders, designed to enhance your operations, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance.
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