SharePoint 2019 Server Handbook

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How to Ensure Operational Governance for Microsoft Teams

Ready or Not, Microsoft Teams is Changing the Way You Work!


Office 365 Backup Handbook

Ensure You are Protected with a Comprehensive Office 365 Data Management Strategy

Create, Migrate, Automate and Manage with AvePoint and Nintex

Learn how to Automate and Protect your Office365 with Nintex Forms and AvePoint Governance tools.

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6 Expert Microsoft Teams Adoption Strategies THAT WORK

Learn the strategies organizations need to ensure a seamless adoption on Microsoft Teams


Survey: Office 365 Governance & Migration

The latest industry statistics covering how Office 365 has changed the way companies need to approach governance and process automation

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7 Crucial Office 365 Strategies To Contain Sprawl And Keep Data Safe



How to use Microsoft Teams to facilitate collaboration and learning

If you are not leveraging Teams for your education environment, this webinar is for you.


Microsoft Teams for Education Institutions

A Best Practices Guide & Study Guide to Empower Students, Administrators and Educators (and help them do the right thing)


Tips and Tricks: Successful Records Management in the Cloud

Get up to speed on the dynamic landscape of records and information management, and learn how to effectively manage records in Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint


When to Use and How to Manage Microsoft Teams & Office 365 Groups

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All Access Tour: Office 365 Security and Governance Features

Actionable Tips and Tricks To Make Your Environment More Secure