Darryl Clark
Darryl Clark

Principal Consultant, AvePoint


Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown

Senior Manager, Security & Operations, Technology


Reduce the load on your IT admins while enabling users to restore lost or deleted content in Teams!

With organisations relying more on Office 365 to enable and support remote work, data is being created at an exponential rate, which organisations must back up. During these times of change, organisations must be resilient and have a backup solution that will enable them to scale as needed.

Join us at our webinar and learn success stories from Cricket Australia and their best practices for building a robust Office 365 backup strategy to fill the native gaps.

We will also walk you through how to utilise self-service bots in Teams like AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant (AVA), to help diminish IT burden by delegating access of restores to end users. This includes restoring Teams conversations, OneDrive files, and more!

With the surge in Microsoft Teams usage, it has never been more important to empower remote workers while having a backup plan that’s scalable for your organisation’s goals.

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You will learn strategies and best practices for:

Why native Office 365 retention might not be enough
Building a secure, scalable backup strategy
Enabling remote workers to recover the content they need when they need it
Using bots to empower remote workers
Why retaining all content in Office 365 is not an effective backup strategy

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