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In today's hybrid work environment, a digital workplace is no longer a luxury but a necessity to stay competitive. Yet creating and sustaining a digital workplace can be challenging due to the various roadblocks that organisations can face, from untrained employees to low adoption rates.

If your organisation can overcome these common obstacles and deploy a strong digital workplace enablement strategy, however, you can take charge of your digital transformation, achieving lasting success.

Our free guide offers actionable solutions to common digital workplace challenges, empowering you to build a modern and agile workplace that enhances collaboration, increases efficiency, and drives innovation.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to conquer common digital workplace roadblocks
  • Tips to establish a strong foundation for your digital workplace
  • Strategies to empower employees to transform alongside your digital workplace

Don't let roadblocks stall your transformation efforts. Download our guide today to learn how to build a digital workplace for lasting success.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Roadblock #1: Disparate, Disorganised Data

  • Roadblock #2: Untrained or Under-skilled Employees

  • Roadblock #3: Limited Visibility in Digital Investments

  • How to Accelerate Digital Workplace Success

  • Conclusion

Sneak Peek:

  • Migration is more than just a painful project

    It’s an opportunity to make big changes to your digital workplace. By doing so, you can streamline your processes, eliminate redundant data, and make information easier to find and manage. Investing in modern data operations may require some upfront costs but can pay off in the long run by improving productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. (pg.5)

  • Upskilling is critical for digital transformation success

    A PwC report found 39% of employees are concerned they’re not getting sufficient training in digital and technology skills from their employer. Without adequate training and upskilling, employees may struggle to keep up with the pace of technological change, leading to a lack of innovation and a competitive disadvantage for the organisation. (pg.7)

  • Drive sustained adoption with usage and adoption insights

    20% of value loss in a transformation occurs once initiatives have been fully executed. One key reason this happens is businesses mistakenly believe that their work is done once implementation begins. However, the success of your digital transformation is heavily dependent on the sustained adoption of new tools and processes by employees. To maximise the benefits of your digital transformation investment, it is crucial to have visibility into the usage of your investments, including who is using them and how. This ensures that you can validate adoption and make necessary adjustments. (pg.11)

  • The value of a people-centric approach to transformation

    To truly succeed, businesses must focus on modernising their entire workplace – including their employees. This means providing necessary training and tools to enable staff to adapt to new technologies and work processes and ensuring these efforts are successful by measuring and tracking progress. By adopting a holistic people-centric approach to modernisation, organisations empower their team to transform along with their workplace. (pg.14)

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