Bunker Holding Group searched for a reliable and intuitive Office 365 backup tool; Selects AvePoint Cloud Backup

Success Highlights

AvePoint Cloud Backup allows hands-off data backup by dedicating resources to check and ensure the backup is successful, so Bunker Holding Group (BHG) does not have to do so manually.
AvePoint Cloud Backup resulted in faster data backup and restore capabilities.
BHG can identify, tag, and backup specific items without having to back up everything.
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Bunker Holding Group

Customer Location Middelfart, Denmark

Industry Energy/Utilities

Platform Microsoft 365

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Critical Needs

  • Faster data backup
  • Faster data restore
  • Full data recovery

The Challenge

BHG had 829 Office 365 users and needed a faster way to backup and restore their data in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. BHG knew that after Exchange migration from on-prem to the Cloud Microsoft’s native backup capabilities alone would not provide the company with the back-up, restore and full recovery speed they needed, why they looked after a 3rd party product for this.

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We’re looking forward to our journey from on-prem to the cloud with personal drives, network drives and data all backed up by AvePoint.
Michael Vang Hjort
Senior SharePoint Consultant, Bunker Holding A/S

The AvePoint Solution

BHG compared different products and talked to supplies before they made their choice.

They wanted a product that was intuitive to use, should be able to backup/restore both Exchange and SharePoint sites.

At the time BHG should make their choice the new UI to Avepoint Cloud Backup wasn’t released yet – but from demo, they saw that the product will fulfill their requirements.

While backing up Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Office 365 Groups, BHG’s Senior SharePoint Consultant, Michael Vang Hjort, immediately noticed some benefits to backing up with AvePoint Cloud Backup.

“A nice thing about AvePoint Cloud Backup is that we can set up rules. Especially because we may not want to back up all our Office 365 Groups. Instead we can go in and tag Groups and back up only those Groups that are tagged, same thing with our Exchange mailboxes,” said Michael.

Before AvePoint Cloud Backup, BHG was not able to restore specific files in Office 365. Although BHG has not yet gotten the opportunity to try out restoring using AvePoint products, the company is pleased with the restore feature – “it seems rather easy and quick,” said Michael.

The Road Ahead

As a global company, BHG needed a faster way to backup and restore their data, without having to backup nonessential content. Using AvePoint Cloud Backup, BHG can now identify, tag, and backup specific items quickly without having to constantly ensure the backup is taking place while also maintaining the backup operation in one place via their centralized IT support.

“A good thing about AvePoint online services is we don’t have to dedicate time and resources to check and ensure a backup is taking place,” said Michael. “We know that AvePoint products are taking care of it, making the backup run with notifications so we know what we do/don’t need to take care of.”

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