Msheireb Properties Saves 57% of Time Planned to Migrate to Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 and Accesses 2 TB of File Share Data through SharePoint with DocAve®

Learn how Msheireb Properties saved time in its SharePoint 2010 migration, protected important data, and accessed large files through SharePoint without burdening its Microsoft SQL Server database.

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Msheireb Properties

Montana State University Billings Saves 97% of Time Required to Complete Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Migration Tasks with DocAve

Find out how Montana State University Billings simplified its SharePoint 2010 migration significantly.

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Montana State University Billings

City of Bloomington Retains all Metadata and Reduces Time to Migrate to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 by 80% with DocAve

Learn how City of Bloomington expedited its SharePoint migration and met important compliance objectives with DocAve.

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City of Bloomington

CMC Biologics Reduces Data Recovery Time by 100% by Accessing 300 GB of File Share Content through Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 with DocAve®

Learn how CMC Biologics saved significant time recovering data and helped end users adopt SharePoint by connecting to file share content with DocAve.

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CMC Biologics
  • PLATTFORM SharePoint 2010
  • LÖSUNGEN Connector

Railway Procurement Agency Restores Microsoft® SharePoint® Data in Seconds and Saves Two Hours per Week for Administrator with DocAve®

Find out how Railway Procurement Agency effectively met Service Level Agreements for SharePoint data protection while saving time with DocAve.

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Dell Services Federal Government Saves $25,000 and Reduces 4 TB Microsoft® SharePoint® Content Database by 88% with DocAve®

Learn how Dell Services Federal Government optimized its SharePoint environment and experienced significant cost savings in the process.

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Dell Services Federal Government

Systems Made Simple Eliminates Silos and Saves up to 8 Months by Replicating CRM Data to Microsoft® SharePoint® with DocAve®

Find out how Systems Made Simple enabled employees using mutiple business-critical collaborations systems to access up-to-date information and incorporate it into fundamental business workflows with DocAve.

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Systems Made Simple

Tannis Food Distributors Reduces Time Required to Migrate to Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 by 97% with DocAve®

Find out how Tannis Food Distributors drastically reduced the time and effort necessary for its SharePoint migration with DocAve.

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Tannis Food Distributors

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Cuts Time to Restore Microsoft® SharePoint® Data by 99% with DocAve®

Learn how Hawke's Bay Regional Council protected SharePoint data for its website, extranet, intranet, and document management environments.

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Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Migrates Website Content from EMC Documentum to Microsoft SharePoint 95% Faster with DocAve

Learn how Department of Education and Early Childhood Development saved significant time and effort in its migration from a legacy system to SharePoint with DocAve and AvePoint Partner Services.

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