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Top Quax of 2016: Our Favorite Quotes from Microsoft Influencers

Top Quax of 2016 – Rounding Up Our Favorite Dux Quax Quotes About Microsoft in 2016 from Tech Superstars

Hi, everyone. Happy holidays and thank you for making 2016 a phenomenal year here at AvePoint! I hoped ya’ll enjoyed all of our Dux Quax videos, as we talked about all the goodness from Microsoft in 2016 and gave you exclusive insights to what’s coming in 2017.

Before we close the book on 2016, a year filled with knockout additions to the Microsoft stack – from Groups and Teams, Dynamics 365, the “Power Trio” of PowerApps, Power BI, and Flow, not to mention SharePoint 2016 updates and the first ever SharePoint feature pack – we’d like to take the time and thank our friends at Microsoft and experts in the space for joining us in our Dux Quax series!

We’re looking forward to recording and sharing more videos in 2017 but in case you missed any of it, we’ve rounded up our favorite “Quax” of the year. Take a look!

Our Top Quax about Microsoft in 2016 for you to share!

Microsoft in 2016 Watch Interview

“IT = #Innovation & #Transformation – empowered to think to #movebusinessforward and better serve customers.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Julia White (@julwhite), Corporate Vice President , Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“The #SharePoint community is an incredibly passionate group who love to build solutions that solve real-world problems.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Jeff Teper (@jeffteper), Corporate Vice President, OneDrive + SharePoint, Microsoft

Microsoft in 2016 Watch Interview

“#SharePoint2016 Feature Pack 1 includes a ton of new grade hybrid value accrued directly back from #Office365.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Bill Baer (@williambaer) Senior Technical Product Manager, SharePoint, Microsoft

Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“#Office365Groups is the key ingredient for group #collaboration in #Office365.”   Twitter_Logo_Blue                                                 

– Christophe Fiessinger (@cfiessinger) Program Manager, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“#MicrosoftPlanner allows you to quickly create a plan, and assign & track tasks to members in your #Office365Group.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Mike McLean (@mikemcleanlive) Senior Program Manager, Project Team, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“#PowerApps #OOTB can connect to four dozen different data sources and can build on #iOS, #Android, #Windows.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Chris McNulty (@cmcnulty2000),  Senior Product Manager, SharePoint + OneDrive, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“#Microsoft is changing and #DigitalTransformation is well underway, and our partners are absolutely leading the way.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Rachel Braunstein (@rkbraunstein), Partner Marketing Manager, Partner Network, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“The value of #PaaS & #Azure = No worrying about OS or servers. That’s where the future is.  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Jeremy Thake (@jthake), Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure Development Team, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“The new #Microsoft is awesome! From closed-net to open platform, they’re evolving in the #DigitalTransformation age.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Charles Williams (@cewilliamsii), Senior Director of Service Strategy and Collaboration Engineering, NBC Universal

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“People are really starting to realize the value that #Office365 brings that enhances what they’ve been doing on-prem.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Dan Holme (@danholme), Director of Product Marketing, SharePoint, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“With #MSTechCommunity, ultimately we want to help IT pros be more successful in their roles.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Anna Chu (@_achu), Partner Marketing Manager and Community Lead, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“A few years ago, you ask an end-user what #Microsoft is, it was #Office. Today it’s #Cortana, #Sway, #Planner, #GigJam.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Alan Lepofsky (@alanlepo), Principal Analyst of Collaboration Software, Constellation Research

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“#SharePoint, SharePoint, SharePoint! It’s back, it’s here, it’s cool.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Susan Hanley (@susanhanley), SharePoint MVP and Consultant

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“#AppSource is our destination for end-users to discover, try, and eventually provision business #SaaS apps.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Satish Thomas (@satishthomas) Group Program Manager, AppSource, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“I’m obsessed with #MicrosoftTeams. It’s a great way for me to work with my group on specific projects.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Matt Berg (@bergasonic), Senior Specialist, Productivity, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“#Microsoft #IntelligentCloud connects what you want to solve to specific outcomes for better decision making.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe (@kedmondsonwolfe), Senior Director, Industry Product Marketing, Microsoft

Microsoft in 2016 Watch Interview

“We’ve really looked at 2017 as doing for #publishing what we’ve done for collaboration with #SharePoint2016.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Mark Kashman (@mkashman), Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“Our job is not only to #BuildGreatSoftware but help users adopt, listen, & make sure we #TakeAction on feedback.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Adam Harmetz (@AdamHarmetz), Group Program Manager, SharePoint Team, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“#Dynamics365 = CRM & ERP together. Integrating w/ #Office365 they combine #BusinessProcess w/ #Productivity.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– James Phillips (@jamesmphillips), Corporate vice President, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“It’s incumbent upon us in the technology industry to educate elected officials on outdated laws, and that’s what we try to do with #VFI.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Jonathan Friebert (@Friebs), Director of External Affairs, Microsoft

 Microsoft in 2016Watch Interview

“We are a partner-led company. Our partners truly connect us with our customers every day.”  Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Kati Quigley, Senior Director of Partner Marketing , Microsoft Partner Network

 HEKKzC d 400x400Watch Interview

“We pride ourselves on delivering experiences targeted to the right partner, at the right time, in the right way.”   Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Dean Armintrout, Microsoft Inspire Experience Ambassador, Microsoft

 JoeDarkoWatch Interview

“When you talk to our Regional Directors, it’s all about community, connecting with our MVPs, and building relationships first and foremost.”   Twitter_Logo_Blue

– Joe Darko, Community Program Manager & Regional Director, Microsoft

Thanks for joining us in 2016! Happy holidays! See you all in 2017!

Microsoft in 2016

Dux Raymond Sy
Dux Raymond Sy
With over 20 years of business and technology experience, Dux has driven organizational transformations worldwide with his ability to simplify complex ideas and deliver relevant solutions. He serves as the Chief Brand Officer of AvePoint who has authored the LinkedIn Learning course How to Build Your Personal Brand, the book SharePoint for Project Management, as well as numerous whitepapers and articles. As a public speaker, Dux has delivered engaging, interactive presentations to more than 25,000 people at leading industry events around the world. He also hosts the modern workplace podcast #shifthappens that focuses on how leading organizations navigated their business transformation journey. Dux advocates tirelessly for inclusion, using technology for good, and philanthropic initiatives. Connect with him:


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