Records Management in Microsoft Teams: Real World Approaches

Let’s be honest: there are limitations. Learn how some leading organisations are solving the challenge.

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  • 1 Hour


Alyssa Blackburn

Director, Records & Information Management Strategy, AvePoint

Bruce Berends

Product Strategy Lead, AvePoint

Are you stepping up to the records management challenge?

As Microsoft Teams usage has skyrocketed and more decisions are being made in the platform, record and information managers have found themselves challenged by how to accurately capture, classify and store the many data types that comprise a Team.

For example, how can a record and information managers ensure their organisation is compliant by capturing relevant information across Microsoft Teams? If a record is going to have a longer life than a Team, how records be identified and extracted when a Team needs to be expired?

Finally, we’ll have an open conversation around challenges and potential approaches to information management in Microsoft Teams chat and channel conversations.

Discuss real world approaches leveraged by public and private sector organisations, like:

  • Metadata and Export Approach

    We’ll show how some organisations have created types of Teams that have special metadata types for records management spun up during the provisioning process and how those categories are leveraged.

  • Automated Records Management Approach

    We’ll also show how AvePoint Cloud Records is being used by a government agency to automatically identify, capture and store records in Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 platform.

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