Private Channels In Microsoft Teams: Real World Implications and Applications

Private Channels change the game. How should you adjust?

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  • 1 Hour


Victor Lai

Manager of Solution Engineer, AvePoint

Loryan Strant

Microsoft MVP & Product and Innovation Lead, Rapid Circle Australia

Private channels have been the most requested feature in Microsoft Teams history.

The default settings for private channels will enable any user within a Team to create a private channel, which brings with it its own SharePoint Site Collection. Luckily, admins will have control over who can create channels, but they must know how to set up proper permissions and when to limit them.

So how will this feature effect how organisations approach their Teams architecture and structure? They must be able to prepare for the changes that private channels bring to Teams and have proper governance and information management strategies in place to ensure a manageable roll out.

Join Microsoft MVP Loryan Strant and AvePoint's Solution Engineer Victor Lai in this interactive webinar to learn the fundamentals of private channels in Microsoft Teams and also the implications and applications of Private Channels in your day to day operations.

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We will discuss and debate:

  • The key facts you need to know about Private Channels

  • How does this change information architecture within Teams?

  • Should you be worried about content sprawl with all these new site collections?

  • Key business use cases for Private Channels

  • Strategies for adoption, governance and information management

  • Our top pro tips and takeaways

Private Channels

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