Microsoft Teams Governance – Unpacking the Lifecycle Management of Teams with AvePoint

Learn how to manage Teams while empowering your users to collaborate with Microsoft and AvePoint

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  • 45 mins
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Reece Gallagher

Security Technology Specialist, Microsoft

Victor Lai

Solution Engineering Manager, AvePoint

With more organisations introducing hybrid working models between home & office, employees are now collaborating and connecting with each other in new ways.

With Microsoft Teams being the collaboration tool of choice for many organisations, it’s now more important than ever to implement good governance that doesn’t compromise productivity.

As a trusted Microsoft Partner in the governance and data protection space, AvePoint's MyHub Teams app can easily automate governance and simplify approvals and recertifications for your IT team.

Join Microsoft's Microsoft 365 Technical Specialist Reece Gallagher and AvePoint's Solution Engineer Victor Lai in this session to see how MyHub works and unpack key considerations in keeping your organisation productive and secure, while increasing operational efficiency.

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The session will cover:

  • The importance of enhanced governance and protection in Microsoft Teams

  • What M365 governance is available natively, and how AvePoint can compliment and extend upon those native capabilities

  • Introducing MyHub - AvePoint’s Teams App, the business users UI for AvePoint’ Cloud Governance solution

  • Simple demonstration of how AvePoint may be able to support your organisation's M365 governance requirements

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