Machine Learning For Records Management - 5 Things To Know!

Real world stories on leveraging machine learning for RM while maintaining compliance

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  • 1 Hour


Alyssa Blackburn

Director, Records & Information Management Strategy, AvePoint

Bruce Berends

Product Strategy Lead, AvePoint

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the current buzz words in technology and information management circles.

But what is it? How can we use it in records management to alleviate the burden records programs can place on end users? And how can we be confident it's working?

These are the questions that our expert speaker Alyssa Blackburn (over enthusiastic records manager) will answer while preparing you for leveraging this technology in your organisation.

Alyssa will take you through real world stories covering best practices as well as showing you what AvePoint's advanced technology can bring to your organisation.

We'd love for you to join us to learn more about this exciting technology and how you can make it work for you!

We’ll cover:

  • The concepts behind machine learning

  • How machine learning can be leveraged for records management outcomes

  • What you need to have in place before you can get started with machine learning

  • How you can train a machine and how you can keep on top of it once it's been implemented to ensure accuracy

  • How to achieve compliance with respect to your organisation's records management

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