How to Use APIA As Part of Tech Ecosystem For GDPR Compliance

Learn best practices for leveraging APIA as part of a technology ecosystem for helping your organization become GDPR compliant
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  • 1 Hour


Dana Simberkoff

Chief Risk, Privacy and Information Security Officer, AvePoint

John Hodges

SVP Product Strategy, AvePoint

You’ve downloaded APIA, now it’s time to learn best practices for leveraging it and other solutions to make your organization GDPR compliant!

Whether you are in Office 365, SharePoint, or an environment outside of the Microsoft ecosystem, this webinar will help you:

  • Use APIA to assess your organization’s GDPR readiness
  • Automate privacy impact assessments
  • Calculate your risk and get recommendations how to close existing gaps
  • Learn how other solutions can help you address key GDPR principles such as: implementing an inventory and risk register; taking a “risk-based” approach to data protection, limiting the use of data for its intended purpose; holding data for the appropriate amount of time; and more!

Whether downloading APIA was you’re first step or part of a more comprehensive GDPR strategy, this webinar will show you a more efficient and painless pathway to GDPR compliance.


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