Deliver Secure and Seamless Online School Assessments

Revolutionise the delivery of assessments from an intensive logistics operation to a secure trusted virtual experience.

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  • 1 Hour


Ethan Li

Senior Consultant, AvePoint

Darryl Clark

Principal Consultant, AvePoint

Faculty, administrators, and students today are faced with the challenge of modernising the assessment experience which has been synonymous with traditional pen and paper delivery and are often delivered in-person within a controlled physical zone.

Schools are increasingly adopting approaches to support a hybrid mode of tests and exams as they get prepared for unprecedented times such as lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Digital investments in exams are best justified by assessing the extent to which administration is automated and the level of productivity enhanced in this manpower intensive process. These translate into a strengthened collaboration loop across exam authoring, delivery, and reporting.

Join our webinar as our experts take you through how to:

• Enhance resilience in exam operations – be remote-ready; limited disruptions to milestone assessments

• Augment hybrid delivery of assessments – equip faculty with options to digitally conduct continuous assessments and to familiarise students with a digital exam experience

• Provide secure & trusted exams – AI-assisted remote proctoring, whitelisting of applications in a virtual exam environment, candidate verification

• Adjust learning journeys through data analytics and reporting - assess learners’ understanding by questions and related competencies.

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