Cloud Governance: Enforced Site & Team Recertification

Mitigate administrative workload, storage, and risk
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  • 30 Minutes


Shaun Pitt

Strategic Consultant at AvePoint

Ready to learn how to automatically enforce a site or team re-certification? Watch as Shaun Pitt walks you through the interface of Cloud Governance and displays how to ensure your sites and teams are being re-certified.

When implementing and adopting Office 365 and new applications, end users have free reign to create and collaborate through many different channels. This can lead to sprawl of sites and teams that sooner or later become vacant and dead. Monitoring all sites and teams, whether your IT department is big or small, comes with a hefty burden and internal security risk.

Once an end user has provisioned a site, Enable Cloud Governance's Site Re-certification feature to automatically send reports on primary contacts, administrators & owners, and even all the permission rights to collaboration spaces.

Upon reception of these reports, your company can force a review requiring a designated reviewer to approve the current roles and access, make changes, or simply lock down the collaboration space right from within the report.

Overall keeping your environment fresh from dead sites & teams while providing you an automatic extra layer of security & enforcement.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I re-certify my sites?

    • How frequently should my sites be re-certified?

    • Why is it important to make sure a site is still valid?

    • How do I determine if the business owner of a site has changed?

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