EP 3: What Government Agencies Need to Know About the NARA Mandate

Dux and Roxy are joined by Paul Olenick to discuss the NARA mandate and how government orgs need to be cognizant of how they are managing their records. You'll gain answers to common questions from customers on how they should be managing, storing, and archiving their records, plus learn how to best prepare for NARA requirements

EP 2: US Government Certifications in the Microsoft cloud

On Episode 2 of FED Up, Dux Raymond Sy and Roxy Ndebumadu breakdown the top government certifications in the Microsoft Cloud that customers must comply with

EP 1: Ensure Operational Governance for Microsoft Teams

On this episode, Dux and Roxy discuss how U.S. federal government agencies can generate good Microsoft Teams adoption and usage through governance, permissions management, and more