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Modernize Your Agency and Departments in a Secure Way

Transforming and digitizing into a modern collaborative workplace is a MUST for your agency. And it's up to IT to figure out what that means and how to get it done securely. So where do you start? No matter if it's securing PIM, maintaining control of your Microsoft 365 tenants and assets, or getting to the cloud in the first place, we've got you covered.

Protect against Ransomware

Surface potential ransomware attacks events and understand the impact in real time.

Optimize policy compliance

Automate policy enforcement across workspaces and content while reducing policy oversight IT burden.

Prioritize security issues

Monitor sensitive data, the risk of exposure, and where the data is being accessed.

When we first ran Policies and Insights, it came up with thousands of links that were shared incorrectly. We hit a button and it basically fixed all the links and that risk was instantly mitigated.

Hannah Melton
Assistant Director IT, City of Port St. Lucie
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Automate and Enforce Data Protection in Microsoft Teams

Right-Sizing Teams Management and Security

When it comes to understanding potential data exposures, IT admins are weighed down by manual, time-consuming processes that don't even tell the full story. As Teams usage continues to rise, IT admins must have a deep understanding of their organization's data ecosystem. Find out how to identify risks and design a control plan to make Microsoft Teams smart, safe, and simple for your users.


What types of sensitive information exist in Teams?

Where does our sensitive data live?

Who has privileged access to the data (internal and external parties)?

Did they access it? And if so, when?

How are we enforcing a least-privileged mindset with Microsoft Teams security policies?

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AvePoint is a TX-RAMP Level 2 Certified Provider

    Discover. Migrate. Monitor.

    Drive digital transformation with Microsoft 365 migration

    Our Fly migration solution enables organizations to seamlessly migrate their on-premise files directly into Microsoft 365. Detailed pre-migration discovery reports allow the organization to manage and maintain metadata, permissions, and complex data structures. Integrate legacy data into modern information management frameworks by filtering and restructuring content as it moved in Microsoft 365.


    With automated data synchronization, Fly captures changes throughout the duration of the migration product

    Remap metadata, domains, and other information during the migration process

    Ensure the legacy information being moved into Microsoft 365 is in line with data governance and information management policies

    Secure. Scale. Monitor.

    Protect your data against ransomware and permissions fiascos

    AvePoint has backed up public sector-critical content since SharePoint was Team Services, and Microsoft 365 was BPOS. Our SaaS solution Cloud Backup for multi-cloud backup has been in market since 2013. We know backup, and we’ll cover your SaaS!

    Our backup is 100% SaaS. Whether you’ve got 10 or 10,000 users, get the same powerful yet elegant service. Automatic cloud backups run from day one, so you’re fully protected.

    Our customers and partners trust us to protect over 50 petabytes of their data. We’re built to scale, with services in over a dozen global data centers.

    Your data is secure. Use our built-in storage and encryption, or bring your own storage and key. Plus, we’re ISO:27001 certified so you can rest easy.

    Discover. Automate. Enforce.

    Can your sensitive data live in a "free and open sharing" system?

    With AvePoint’s Cloud Governance, you can empower users to create Teams, Sites, and Groups in real-time, automatically protected by the policies and procedures required to ensure your most sensitive data is safe. From the very moment, a Microsoft 365 workspace is provisioned, it enters the lifecycle management process. Organizations can right-size their policies to ensure that provisioned assets have the correct classification, retention, metadata, and access controls in place from the outset. Going forward, workspace owners can also be automatically asked to review permissions and metadata and revise or confirm as necessary.


    Oversee configuration settings, membership, and ownership change requests, with the ability to delete, revert, or notify of unauthorized changes

    Improve data quality and speed up processes with automated, structured end-of-life processes that trigger alerts for potentially idle or irrelevant sites and content

    Ask workspace owners to explicitly confirm extending a workspace’s lease or flag it for managed disposition

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The Value of Automated Office 365 & Microsoft Teams Governance

The MOST comprehensive resource on Microsoft 365 Governance


Products to Support Your Digital Transformation


Move, migrate, and consolidate legacy systems, cloud files, mail, and Microsoft Office 365 tenants into Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

Migrate to M365

Cloud Backup

The leading solution to combat ransomware attacks, user errors, or permission fiascos and ensure business resiliency. Supports M365, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace.

Multi-SaaS Backup

Cloud Governance

Implement an extensible Office 365 governance strategy that empowers users, is easy to maintain and scales as your organization adopts to the cloud.

M365 Workspace Lifecycle Management


Insights help monitor Office 365 health, so you can easily identify who has access to sensitive data, whether they've accessed it, and if any external users pose a threat.

Centralize Sensitivity Labels


Policies make it easy to automate common rules for access, settings, and other configurations. Set white/black list policies, policies for external sharing, and more.

Enforce Policies Automatically


Simplify your users collaboration experience. Provide them with a one-stop-shop to all their Teams, Groups, Sites, and Communities, directly from Microsoft Teams.

A Streamlined Teams Experience