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Corporate Learning in Microsoft Teams

  • Learn in your workflow. Seamlessly toggle between daily work and training without the need for platform switching.

  • Maximize peer learning. Microsoft Teams sharing and channel persistent chat features allow for easy collaboration across courses and programs.

  • Create a culture of continuous learning. Keep the learning going with a platform that builds learning communities. Empower users to ask questions, capture ideas, develop content and get immediate feedback all within your Teams embedded LMS.

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Micro, Mobile e-learning for companies

  • Right-size Learning: Our LMS for business breaks down corporate training programs into bite-sized online courses through mobile learning, question banks, and Wikis.

  • Deliver Proactively: Calendars are analyzed and push notifications are utilized to so our corporate training LMS suggests optimal times for learning and training at the desk or on the go.

  • Gamify: Enable leaderboards, badges, and challenges to keep adult learners and employees engaged in a hyper-competitive landscape.

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Optimize Employee Training Online at Scale with AI

  • Upskill Constantly: Stay on top of constantly evolving industries with excellent corporate training online. Let our AI digest raw data to pose the intelligent questions to spark further learning. Keep support teams on their toes with regular assessments from evolving product guides and case histories.

  • Maximize Resources: The powerful learning analytics in our corporate learning management system enable organizations to easily identify training gaps and inefficiencies.

  • Extend Teams: AI- powered chatbots serve as virtual guides in our corporate training platform to keep learners on track.

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Meaningful Accessible Assessments

  • Intelligent proctoring: Our advanced technology uses AI, 360°cameras, and screen monitoring for a comprehensive proctor oversight.

  • Anti-Cheat Technology: Authenticate identity and select which technologies, books, or other materials to allow during assessments.

  • Easy Accessibility: Deliver a standard experience across all electronic devices and avoid network disruptions with offline mode.

Curricula has helped us offer the highest quality professional development courses and streamline all of the administration activities associated with that. It has been a mission critical solution for online course delivery and tightens our alignment with the national SkillsFuture initiative.

Mr. Neo Wei Woon
Director, SQI International Pte Ltd

Products and Solutions that drive engaged learning


Online Exam Management System

Craft online exams with confidence. Control when, where, and how the exams will take place. Support student can bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies without compromising control and oversight.

  • Central Admin
  • Online exam Builder
  • Remote proctoring
  • Grading and Analysis

Learning Management System

Give your team bandwidth to focus on what is important: enabling new and better ways of learning! Let us support the rest!

  • Reduce Operational Risk
  • Multilingual
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Virtual Assistants

Alumni & Student Management System

Gain 360° insights on your students, alumni and partners to nurture continuous professional learning through interest-based engagement.

  • 360° Student Lifecycle Management
  • Holistic Industry Engagement
  • Continuous Education
  • Single Knowledge Base

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