Quick Start Services equip you with the knowledge and assistance required to accelerate deployment of AvePoint and SharePoint solutions so you can quickly gain value from your investments. From analyzing and assessing your current data, to establishing and maintaining a best practice information architecture across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, our experts will help you get the most out of your enterprise collaboration platform.


  • Reduce the time needed to deploy the DocAve software platform. AvePoint’s service engineers will install and configure DocAve in accordance with configuration and architecture standards that are aligned with your business and process requirements.

  • Accelerate deployment and end user adoption of Governance Automation. AvePoint will deploy and configure Governance Automation to meet organizational governance and policy standards. The Governance Automation Quick Start offering includes:

    • Installation and configuration of Governance Automation and related DocAve products
    • Workshop session to introduce key business, process and governance owners to the capabilities of Governance Automation
    • Configuration of governance service requests and associated policies
    • User training for Governance Automation administrators and business owners
  • Accelerate deployment of Compliance Guardian. AvePoint will deploy and configure Compliance Guardian to meet organizational compliance policies and regulation standards. The Compliance Guardian Quick Start offering includes:

    • Installation and configuration of Compliance Guardian
    • Workshop session to review, select and configure the test suites that will be implemented to meet with first wave of compliance policies.
    • Execution and optimization of compliance guardian scans.
    • Training for Compliance Guardian administrators, covering installation, platform settings, and relevant modules


  • Fast track your migration project. With the Migration Quick Start, AvePoint migration experts guide you through the early stages of your migration project, ensuring your team is equipped to meet your migration project goals and overcome project complexities as they arise. The Migration Quick Start offering includes:

    • Best practice installation and configuration of DocAve Migrator
    • Migration training workshop
    • Migration plan design
    • Execution of migration pilot, including recommended architecture changes
    • Access to a dedicated support engineer over a two-month period to help with any migration issues
  • Gain best practice recommendations to ensure successful completion of your migration project with AvePoint’s Migration Assessment & Roadmap service, including:

    • Comprehensive analysis of existing content and source environments using AvePoint’s Migration Discovery Tool
    • Roadmap of the recommended migration approach and required technical design for use by the migration project team
    • Execution of pilot migration
    • Customization analysis to help customers determine best course of action for legacy solutions
  • AvePoint’s Migration Service gives you direct access to AvePoint’s migration experts to minimize business disruption and decrease time-to-value for your new Office 365 or SharePoint 2013 implementation. AvePoint will provide end to end migration services for supported platform sources*, including:

    • Installation and configuration of DocAve software used to complete the service
    • Comprehensive analysis of existing content and environments using AvePoint’s Migration Discovery Tool
    • Migration strategy design and projected schedule
    • Execution of migration pilot
    • Execution of production migration

    *Supported Migration sources include: SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, File Shares, eRooms, Exchange Public Folders, EMC Documentum, and LiveLink. Lotus Notes and Quickr require additional scoping.



  • With the SharePoint 2013 Infrastructure Installation and Configuration service, AvePoint will install and configure an on-premises environment in accordance with Microsoft best practice standards. Whether you’re lacking domain expertise, or just require an extra set of hands, AvePoint will design and install your SharePoint 2013 infrastructure environment in less than 2 weeks to get your team ready to focus on site and content build-out activities.

  • AvePoint will perform an extensive health check of your existing SharePoint 2013 environment. By identifying potential problem areas, AvePoint will identify, report and recommend areas that need to be addressed to improve performance and reliability, ensuring maximum ROI for SharePoint investments. The Health Check includes:

    • Executive summary, scoring, and prioritization of issues found in the SharePoint environment
    • Comprehensive documentation on configurations, highlighting problematic areas
    • Recommendations for remediation to correct performance and usability inhibitors
    • 90-day license of the DocAve 6 Software Platform