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Enhance your student services and streamline your administrative processes. Our solution helps you transform data into insights for your institution and deliver high-quality, efficient student support.

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The ultimate lifelong learning platform

The Ultimate Lifelong Learning Platform

Vitae is a student management system that enables educational institutions to efficiently run their campus activities and tailor them to the needs of all participants. Help students design their learning paths that build on their skills and match their career goals.



Drive holistic engagement by conducting and managing powerful event promotions and campaigns that are targeted at audiences' personal or career interests.



Promote continuous education and training by integrating your student information, learning and grants systems to offer holistic administration of courses.



Manage the entire student lifecycle - including all prospects, students, alumni and public requests or issues - with our unified case management system. 

Automate course program administration

Automate Course & Program Administration

Vitae simplifies administrative tasks with built-in business process automation. It connects your network of instructors, administrators, module leaders, and learners to work together on one platform as your single source of truth. Monitor all student administration activities, such as progress and completions, in real-time in one dashboard.

  • Powerful module & course scheduling supports tiered programs, even across institutions
  • Enable micro-credentialling and industry certifiable certification
  • Automate enrollment, billing, assessments, and graduation
  • Easily track program ROI, enrollment, retention or graduation rates
  • Support digital payments and automated billing management
  • Sequentially configure tasks to quickly alert task owners and approvers
  • Pre-configure and universally apply key documents and templates
  • Instantly communicate key notices to learners, corporate partners, and staff
Success and convenience for all learners

Success and Convenience for All Learners

Vitae's student portal allows you to customize your course applications based on your profile and skills. You can also monitor your upcoming learning activities and stay accountable for your progress. Enhance your continuous learning journey with personalized course suggestions that encourage you to learn across different skills pathways.

  • Enable profile and skills-based learning suggestions
  • Launch instant self-help services via Vitae's Student Portal
  • Track all courses, lessons and assessments from one dashboard
  • Recognize prior learning to streamline the application experience 
  • Allow digital submission of supporting documents and instant online screening
  • Automatically check grant eligibility when applying with your profile information
  • Power instant notifications when applications are accepted or rejected
Enhance trainer productivity

Enhance Trainer Productivity

Vitae streamlines the training process by automating tasks such as attendance, claims, and assessment. It also resolves any conflicts between trainer and resource availability before a training program begins. Trainers can easily schedule make up sessions for students within the term.

  • Enable flexible booking of make-up lessons
  • Power conflict-free allocation of facilities
  • Easily coordinate class timing and staff availability
  • Instantly send lesson detail updates to learners and trainers
  • Digitally record attendance, assignment submission, and grading
  • Automatically generate and analyze surveys
  • Eliminate manual tracking of training hours
Fully integrated self service learning portals

Fully Integrated Self-Service Learning Portals

Vitae simplifies the way you deliver and access services for your learners. You don't have to deal with multiple systems or long delays for requests. Vitae's self-service portals are easy to use and allow you to scale up your operations. Connect with your HR payroll, finance, learning and assessment systems, so you can find everything you need in one place. Some of the services you can provide and access through Vitae are:

  • Transcripts and statement of results requests
  • Leave of absence applications
  • Deferment or module credit transfers
  • Certificate reprints
  • Online verification of students' pre-requisites during course application
  • Awards, sponsorship and payment statuses check
  • SCORM, LTI, QTI and API integrations to external systems

Lifelong Learning Experiences Transformed by Vitae