Manage content lifecycles

Automate your content lifecycle management to reduce storage costs, improve performance, and enhance compliance. Delete end-of-life data to minimize exposure to risk, and define records declaration and retention periods by custom properties or inactivity.

Archive content

Flexibly manage content disposal or retention by deleting or maintaining immutable, read-only copies of archived content

Reduce storage costs

Move full data or only Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) to low-cost cool storage for Hierarchal Storage Management (HSM)

Records management

Easily associate records declaration, retention, and disposal policies with content classification

Search & restore

Enable search and restore of archived content and maintain access to archived content for easy downloading or recovery

Ss Hybrid Archiver

Archive, manage, & optimize content

Offload content from SQL Server databases to cool storage to improve data quality. Enable consistent, automatic disposition of SharePoint records with records and information management policies.

Retention policy

Apply retention policies to preserve or remove content in compliance with information management policies

Manual approval

Involve human review and approval before archiving or deleting content from SharePoint or Office 365


Tag new content to boost discoverability with “archived”, “archived by”, “archived time” and custom metadata identifiers

Manage records

Flexibly manage records with the ability to delete or maintain immutable, read-only copies of archived content

End user archiving

Empower content owners to define or archive obsolete content with AvePoint’s End User Archiver

Data storage

Store archived SharePoint content in any local, network, cloud drive, or file system for further storage optimization

Save it. Store it. Forget about it. Archiver’s got your back (and front)

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