Alyssa Blackburn
Alyssa Blackburn

Director, Records & Information Management Strategy, AvePoint


Deb Ophof
Deb Ophof

Principal Consultant, DDJ Consulting


Organisations globally have experienced huge impact on their business due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the records we create during this time are more important than ever.

As organisations had to quickly pivot to enable a remote workforce, different systems may have been deployed or implemented sooner than anyone expected.

Management of records in these systems may not have been a priority concern when rolling these systems out. However, the management of this information is something that if not considered, will only result in headaches and pain down the track.

At the height of the pandemic, perfection is not really achievable so it’s important to focus on the high value areas that will deliver the most impact to the organisation.

In this webinar, Alyssa Blackburn, Director of Information Management Strategy at AvePoint and Deb Ophof, Principle Consultant at DDJ Consulting will work through the current situation and what it means for records managers.

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The session will cover:

Risks and issues in creating records at home
Putting effective policies and procedures in place to manage both the records and the security and privacy requirements associated with them
Identifying high-value and high-risk records
What to focus on when rolling out a new records management technology (quickly!)
Keeping your sanity when all around you is crazy

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