Ransomware Readiness Checklist

8 Practical Tips to Prepare Your Organisation for Ransomware Attacks and Data Breaches

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Ransomware readiness checklist july23

Are You Prepared for a Worst-Case Scenario?

Cybersecurity and the rising number of ransomware attacks and data breaches have captured headlines around the world. This media attention has led to increasing consumer awareness that “they and their personal data” has become the target of cybercriminals, social hacktivists, and innocent or adversarial insiders.

The most significant cybersecurity threat today is ransomware. On the corporate level, significant breaches may be career-ending for company executives, and as the level of attention on attacks rises, so does potential reputational as well as financial damage to the organisations that fall victim.

Security is about mitigating risk – this checklist will guide you through 8 simple steps that will help not only decrease the likelihood of an organisation being targeted with ransomware but also potentially mitigate the damages if and when you are infected.

Your 8-Step Checklist:

  • Make sure that you are running up-to-date end-point security and anti-virus software for all your emails

  • Implement anti-phishing campaigns and block malicious websites

  • Implement monitoring tools across your systems

  • Implement Identity Management and Least Privileged Access

  • Make it easier for your employees to do the right thing than the wrong thing

  • Train, train, train your end users

  • Establish a plan for business continuity

  • Back up your data early and often


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