How MSPs Can Make Money with Collaboration Security Services for M365

(and Other SaaS Platforms)

By leveraging and bundling a range of solutions, managed service providers have endless opportunities to protect and empower customers as their needs change — and to ensure long-term income.

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MSPs can protect their customers and boost the bottom line.

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled organizations to adopt new and effective collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft Teams. But 3 in 4 organizations did so without guidelines and protective measures to keep their data organized, accessible, and safe, research commissioned by AvePoint has found.

This presents a major opportunity for managed service providers. By resolving these concerns with strategic and ongoing solutions, MSPs can easily grow their portfolio, their value as a trusted partner, and their recurring revenue.

That’s because for every dollar an end customer spends on a Microsoft subscription, they’re spending up to nine dollars more on partner service and add-ons. And with the number of monthly active Teams users exceeding 250 million in July 2021 (an increase of nearly 100 million since April), the share of unserved audiences continues to soar.

MSPs must be ready to take full advantage of this moment to bring elevated, long-term value to Microsoft 365 and other platforms.

In this comprehensive e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Smart questions ask to your customers so you can better understand their pain points and vulnerabilities to guide meaningful conversations
  • Detailed talking points to sell a wide range of migration, governance, and backup solutions — and compelling ways to market them as a bundle
  • Unbeatable ways the AvePoint Partner Program offers cost savings and easy management so MSPs can deliver world-class service while boosting their bottom line

Dive in to read eight transformative AvePoint case studies and to learn how applying these solutions and strategies can translate into profit for MSPs.

Get a sneak peek:

  • Microsoft 365 is the perfect destination for cloud consolidation. As a platform offering, it provides a broad collection of integrated apps that other cloud services offer as separate, standalone products. (Pg. 7)

  • Delivering a migration with FLY opens the door for MSPs to bundle and provide ongoing governance and backup in M365 via Policies and Insights and Cloud Backup. These added capabilities are essential for a safe and effective workplace. (Pg. 16)

  • Bundling backup and M365 management services moves MSPs from a transactional to a strategic partner in addition to providing recurring revenue. It can also provide an additional margin of around $1.50 user/month. (Pg. 24)

  • PI provides more value than simply reporting: It is the only solution that takes a truly risk-based approach to determine not only if a person can access sensitive data, but if they DID access it — and to apply the appropriate enforcement mechanisms from there. (Pg. 28)

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