The Value of Automated Office 365 & Teams Governance

Part 1 of 3 Part Series

Office 365 Governance: The Basics

Congrats on taking your first step in your M365 Governance Journey.

The value of operational governance in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams derives from allowing users to access the powerful features of Groups, while also having mechanisms for keeping risks in check.

This guide is part 1 of a 3 part series designed to help you understand the full value of automated governance.

This guide will greatly accelerate your understanding of challenges organisations experience in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams including:

  • Workspace sprawl
  • Excessive IT resources being spent on tedious governance tasks
  • External access
  • Reporting
  • Workspace (Microsoft Team, SharePoint site, etc) requirement verification during provisioning
  • Workspace metadata, membership and permission recertification
  • Workspace extension, archiving and deletion
  • And more!

Highlights or Chapters

  • Understanding Office 365 Groups and Modern Workplaces

  • Common Governance Challenges in office 365

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