5 Strategies to Initiate Disaster Recovery Planning

Prepare Your Customers for Worst-case Scenarios

A free guide for MSPs to learn how to talk to their customers about investing in disaster recovery to better prepare for worst-case scenarios.

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5 strategies to start disaster recovery planning us web

“If it’s stored in the cloud, it’s protected.”

While you know this isn’t true, your customers may not. This false assumption leads them to forgo backup or disaster recovery under the pretense that their data and critical IT systems are safe because it is not stored in a physical location.

The result? They are now far more vulnerable to a host of threats, from ransomware attacks to system failures, all of which could result in data loss and downtime.

As a managed services provider, your challenge is proving to your customers that an investment in disaster recovery is essential before they lose crucial data or IT infrastructure. Doing so can be difficult, but once you demonstrate the business value of a disaster recovery plan, you can better protect your customers while growing your business.

In this eBook, we’ll discuss strategies to start the disaster recovery conversation as well as solutions that can improve your disaster recovery service offerings. Using the tips laid out in this eBook, you can have better conversations with your key stakeholders and decision-makers about creating a disaster recovery plan.

Table of Contents: 

  • 5 Strategies to Start the Disaster Recovery Conversation

  • Disaster Recovery Flyer

  • AvePoint Solutions Can Drive Revenue

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  • Get the equation for calculating cost of downtime

    There are two formulas that often come up when talking about calculating the cost of downtime: one determines productivity cost, and the other determines revenue loss. Use both formulas to calculate the total cost of downtime. (Pg. 4)

  • Discover how AvePoint solutions can help you deliver business resilience

    With AvePoint’s easy-to-use solutions, you can deliver thorough coverage and faster recovery across your customer’s organisations. With solutions that cover Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory & Virtual Machines, Dynamics 365, Salesforce® and Google Workspace and functionality that extend beyond the limitations of the native offerings, you can protect your customers from ransomware attacks, user errors or permission fiascos to ensure business resiliency. (Pg. 9)

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