STATS ChipPAC Reduces Time Required to Restore Microsoft SharePoint Data by 98% and Lowers Content Database Storage by 50% with DocAve

Success Highlights

Scheduled backup of SharePoint data according to business needs and restored deleted content for end-users in five minutes, 98 percent less time than the four hours previously required by SharePoint
Used customisable business rules to offload 150 gigabytes (GB) of SharePoint content older than two years onto lower-tier storage, reducing data stored on its content database by 50 percent and improving platform performance
Simplified, full-fidelity migration from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
Stats Chip PAC

Customer Location Singapore

Industry Manufacturing

Platform SharePoint 2010

Critical Needs

  • Customised backup of SharePoint according to company requirements with swift restoration of deleted content
  • The ability to offload content from SharePoint’s database to lower-tier storage according tobusiness rules
  • Simplified migration of SharePoint content while retaining data’s full fidelity

The Challenge

STATS ChipPAC began using SharePoint as a document management system six years ago. Use of the platform took off, and eventually the company replaced its corporate intranet with SharePoint. Every employee’s web browser opens to STATS ChipPAC’s SharePoint environment, where company information can be accessed. Four thousand of the company’s information workers also utilize the platform to better collaborate.

With approximately 300 GB of data stored on the platform and thousands accessing its content, thorough data protection and the ability to recover documents quickly to limit business disruption is extremely important to STATS ChipPAC administrators. “Restoring accidentally deleted content with SharePoint’s native tools was cumbersome and required us to restore our full database,” said Philip Lo, STATS ChipPAC IT Manager. “Retrieving a single document for an end-user could take as long as four hours.”

Administrators set out to find a third-party solution to enhance STATS ChipPAC’s SharePoint protection strategy.

DocAve helps us reduce administration time and effort for our SharePoint environment.
Philip Lo
IT Manager, STATS ChipPAC

The AvePoint Solution

Customised Data Protection and Swift Document Recovery

After approaching multiple vendors, STATS ChipPAC administrators determined AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform – featuring fully integrated products for SharePoint compliance, governance, and infrastructure management – would not only satisfy the company’s data protection requirements, but also meet other SharePoint needs. With DocAve Backup and Restore, administrators scheduled a backup plan that was customized to the STATS ChipPAC deployment, including full backups every week and incremental backups regularly in between. Data from granular backups is kept for two weeks. “Anything that is deleted from the past two weeks can now be restored instantly,” said Philip Lo. “With DocAve, restoring a document for an end-user takes only five minutes.”

Optimised Storage for Improved Platform Performance

With a large amount of content older than two years residing in STATS ChipPAC’s SharePoint environment, administrators implemented DocAve Storage Manager to optimise storage and improve platform performance. With DocAve’s highly customizable business rules, STATS ChipPAC offloads content older than two years into lower tier storage that can still be accessed by end-users through SharePoint. “Our environment currently holds approximately 300 GB of data, and moving forward we foresee the company adding 100 GB each year in SharePoint,” said Philip Lo. “With DocAve, our content stored on SharePoint’s database was reduced to 150 GB.”

Simplified Content Migration and Management

Using DocAve Migrator, administrators were able to migrate directly from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, and using DocAve Content Manager they could move easily content within SharePoint as needed. All content was migrated with full fidelity, retaining metadata, version history, and security settings. “DocAve was a critical part of our SharePoint migration,” said Philip Lo. “The tool is also been very helpful when we need to reorganize content or make any changes to the structure of our deployment.”

The Road Ahead

With DocAve, STATS ChipPAC administrators were able to satisfy the company’s immediate need for enterprise-class data protection. Additionally, DocAve enabled the administrators to optimise storage, simplify content migration, and effectively prepare SharePoint for future growth and evolution within the company. “DocAve is easy to use and has many features that help us manage our deployment,” said Philip Lo. “DocAve helps us reduce administration time and effort for our SharePoint environment.”

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