DVB Bank SE Manages Microsoft® SharePoint® Twice as Fast as Previous Solution & Slashes Administration Time by 25% by Switching to DocAve®

Besoins essentiels

  • Simplified permissions management across multiple SharePoint sites
  • Swift restoration of lost or deleted content for end users to meet business SLAs
  • Automated deployment of SharePoint customizations and configurations

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  • SIÈGE DU CLIENT Frankfurt, Germany
  • Secteur Financial Services
  • Plateforme SharePoint 2010
  • SOLUTIONS AVEPOINTBackup & RestoreDocAve


  • Replaced previously used third-party SharePoint management solution with DocAve, which featured a more intuitive interface and responded twice as fast
  • Saved administrator approximately two hours per day by giving the ability to manage permissions across multiple SharePoint sites and easily clone permissions from one site to another
  • Protected the company’s most important business data and restored lost documents in minutes to meet the company’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Automated and simplified the deployment of SharePoint customizations and configurations through an easy-to-use management console
quote DocAve is a reliable, solid, and easy way to manage SharePoint. quote
Regie Algoe Technology Engineer, DVB Bank

Le défi

DVB implemented SharePoint as a central platform to enhance collaboration across the business. The company uses SharePoint’s team and project sites to allow its employees to share documents and important information throughout the lifespan of each project. The IT team also uses the platform to share knowledge throughout geographically dispersed offices.

Through a third-party tool, DVB also uses SharePoint to store and manage contracts for the company. Additionally, the company is in the process of integrating its SharePoint deployment with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In all, the company’s deployment is accessed by approximately 250 end users, but this number will grow to approximately 450 when the CRM integration is complete.

With SharePoint acting as a critical system for business operations, DVB administrators needed to ensure the platform was efficiently and effectively managed. The company implemented a third-party software solution in order to do this, but quickly found it to be a disappointment. “The tool we selected initially was very slow and the user interface (UI) was not intuitive,” said Regie Algoe, Technology Engineer at DVB.

When the company chose to upgrade its deployment to SharePoint 2010, DVB administrators took advantage of the opportunity to upgrade its third-party management solution as well.

La solution AvePoint

After testing several different options, administrators all decided upon AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform – the enterprise-class management platform for SharePoint governance. “DocAve was at least twice as fast as the previous product we used,” Algoe said. “The UI was very clear and it also gave us the ability to choose from multiple products to meet our management needs within one fully integrated platform.”

Once installation was complete, DVB implemented DocAve Backup and Restore. DocAve addresses the need for a fast, flexible, and intelligent backup solution with full-fidelity backup and recovery – from an individual content item to an entire SharePoint environment and all of its farm-level components – maintaining all metadata, security settings, and version histories. Administrators use DocAve to meet service level agreements (SLAs) for the business to ensure critical data is sufficiently backed up and documents are restored in time. “DocAve’s data restoration functionality works very well,” Algoe said. “From our experience, restoring a document only takes a few minutes.”

With its intuitive interface, DocAve Administrator meets DVB’s management and administration needs by giving control over SharePoint content, configurations, and security settings. DocAve gives the organization control of access permissions at every level and allows it to clone user security settings across multiple objects at all levels. “The ability to set permissions across multiple SharePoint sites and clone permissions from one site to another with DocAve is quite a time saver for me,” said Algoe. “I estimate it can save me as much as two hours each day.”

With DocAve Deployment Manager, DVB is able to automate the deployment of SharePoint customizations and configurations through an easy-to-use management console. The company’s in-house developers use DocAve in order to deploy solutions into a test environment and then into production if they pass testing requirements. DocAve simplifies the repetitive, time-consuming SharePoint deployment customization processes and allows easy comparison of environments to identify elements for propagation, implementing changes via highly intuitive wizards and familiar ribbon-based controls. “Rather than using PowerShell code to deploy solutions, DocAve lets us carry out the process with a convenient UI,” said Algoe. “DocAve is a reliable, solid, and easy way to manage SharePoint.”

Ce qu’il faut retenir

As DVB continues to utilize SharePoint and expands the platform for use by more business users throughout the company, administrators will continue to turn to additional DocAve products for their SharePoint management needs, including DocAve Content Manager to comprehensively move, copy, and restructure SharePoint sites, content, and topology throughout its environments. As the administrators continue to utilize DocAve, they also know they can rely on AvePoint’s live, 24/7 technical support team for assistance whenever needed. “AvePoint’s technical support team is excellent,” Algoe said. “They are quick, professional, and know what they are talking about.”

About DVB Bank SE

DVB Bank SE (DVB) headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, is the leading specialist in the international Transport Finance business. The Bank offers integrated financing solutions and advisory services in respect of Shipping Finance, Aviation Finance, and Land Transport Finance. DVB is present at all key international financial centres and transport hubs: at its Frankfurt/Main head office, as well as various European locations (Athens, Bergen, Hamburg, London, Oslo, Rotterdam and Zurich), plus offices in the Americas (New York City and Curaçao) and in Asia (Singapore and Tokyo).