Select Core Services Enhances Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Restores SharePoint Online Content in Minutes with AvePoint Online Services

Find out how this consulting customer automatically scheduled full and incremental backup of SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive for Business content to Azure.

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Select Core Services
  • PLATTFORM SharePoint Online

San Francisco Federal Credit Union Shortens Time to Migrate to Microsoft SharePoint Online by Two Months with DocAve

Learn how San Francisco Federal Credit Union performed a full-fidelty migration to Office 365 with zero disruption for end users.

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San Francisco Federal Credit Union
  • PLATTFORM SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online
  • LÖSUNGENMigration

Sunrise Communications teilt Microsoft® SharePoint®-Inhalte sicher mit 150 externen Nutzern mit AvePoint Perimeter®

Erfahren Sie, wie Sunrise das sichere Teilen von Inhalten direkt von ihrer On-Premises SharePoint-Umgebung mit externen Nutzern ermöglicht.

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Sunrise Communications

LL Global Migrates Directly to Microsoft SharePoint 2016 from Previous Version with AvePoint

Find out how this organization significantly reduced the resources required to migrate directly to a newer version of SharePoint by choosing Migration-as-a-Service.

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LL Global

ELIN Motoren GmbH migriert mit AvePoint ohne Verzögerung zu Microsoft SharePoint und integriert Fileshares

Erfahren SIe, wie unser Kunde mit Hilfe von AvePoint-Software SharePoint-Inhalte mit Full-Fidelity migriert und Fileshare-Inhalte integriert hat.

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ELIN Motoren GmbH

Shortens time to Complete Full Fidelity 1.3 TB Microsoft SharePoint Migration by One Year and Gains Granular Backup and Restore with DocAve

Find out how EPRI successfully migrated 1.3 TB of SharePoint content with full fidelity in just six months, and gained the ability to perform granular backup and restores.

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