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A Purpose-built Platform Designed for Alumni & Student Management

Build and manage relationships with students, alumni, prospects, partners and organisations. Centralize your IHL’s communication and engagement with stakeholders in a targeted manner.


Holistic Industry Engagement

Conduct & manage powerful event promotions and campaigns that are targeted at audiences’ personal or career interests.


Continuous Education & Training

Integrates with student information, learning & grants systems to offer holistic administration of courses for upskilling and lifelong Learning.


Student Lifecycle Management

Manage all prospects, students, alumni and public requests or issues with a unified case management system. Monitor fee payments and generate reports instantly.

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Holistic Industry Engagement

Vitae enables IHLs to centrally manage industry partners & organizations, business contacts and industry engagement records.

  • Automatic Workflows configured for contact processing relieves manual administration.

  • Pre-Defined Relationship & Account Management enables cases to be followed up in a timely manner, with clear visibility of engagement history.

  • Performance Tracking & Reports can be easily generated from a unified dashboard to track event or program outcomes with various partners.

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360° Student Life-Cycle Management

From a prospect to a student, and ultimately an alumnus, institutes can now capture their stakeholders’ interest and cater content relevantly to their needs of the season.

  • Get Connected with alumni to stay informed on the latest campus news and remain engaged.

  • Targeted Campaign Engagements are supported with visibility on each contact’s digital activities, events participation and case history.

  • One-stop platform for holistic CRM management by integrating information from student & alumni portals. No more toggling between systems.

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Single Knowledge Management

Create value for alumni network to build relationship and stay connected through IHL programs. From marketing campaigns to fundraising, Vitae serves as a one-stop platform for powerful stakeholder engagement.

With Vitae:

  • Streamline Processes &Automate Workflows

  • Greater Accountability on Stakeholder Relations

  • Clear Case Tracking & Records Filling

  • Interest-led Engagements & Recommendations

  • Automated Reports & Performance Tracking

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Vitae + Curricula Empowering Continuous Education & Training

Leading the industry in the empowerment of lifelong learning are the 6 Joint IHLs across Singapore with a Shared Training Management System, powered by the combination of Curricula, a Learning Management Platform and Vitae, a CRM platform to enhance contextual communication and learning for various stakeholders.

As students evolve into professionals in their various careers, it is important for IHLs to have a strong understanding of how skills and competencies match with actual job roles. With Vitae, IHLs can better profile the interests of their alumni or new learning professionals, and recommend the right courses to effectively address skills gaps.

IHLs empowered by Vitae:

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